CalAmp – CONNECTED CAR (Video with Live Action + Motion Graphics)

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Managing your mobile asset is a big deal.  It’s great to know where your family car is.  And it’s great to have mobile assistance if you’re in an accident.  CalAmp has created a great system to track vehicle location and operational status.  They call it the “New How” and they wanted a video to its unique, state-of-the-art features for their Mobile World Congress conference booth and for other video marketing purposes.

  • First we soaked up as much information about CalAmp and their advanced telematics.
  • Next, we put together an engaging script that broke the high-tech down into relatable, accessible content that the average person could understand.
  • Then we devised a visual presentation.  We utilized high-end, dynamic live action stock footage and paired it with motion graphics to show ways in which the tracking and monitoring affect daily life with THE CONNECTED CAR.

In the end, CalAmp had another great piece not only for their show but also their website and for other marketing materials.