CalAmp – CONNECTED IIoM (Video with Live Action + Motion Graphics)

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“Industrial Internet of Machines” is not a term you hear every day – unless you’re in the shipping or manufacturing industry.  But even then, it’s fairly complex, and comes with a lot of detailed explanation. CalAmp has simplified the structure and functionality behind the Industrial Internet of Machines, and they wanted Rip Media Group to include their breakthrough in CalAmp’s video marketing series about the “new how.”

  • We first had to understand the Industrial Internet of Machines to be able to write an engaging script for how industry leaders turn to CalAmp for secure, reliable and scalable asset and supply chain management.  Needless to say, it was challenge.
  • From there, we followed the visual style we laid out for the other CalAmp videos, utilizing Live Action stock shots combined with Motion Graphics, overlaid to provide the proper tone.
  • We combined all the elements, including music and voiceover, to create a dynamic and engaging video that shows how CalAmp has reinvented the entire supply chain.

Along with the rest of the videos in the series, this video was displayed in CalAmp’s Mobile World Congress tradeshow booth on a huge 4K screen.

The videos also had legs after the show on their website and in other marketing materials. 

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