The Whole Child – 60th Anniversary (Live Action + Motion Graphic Animation)

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Non Profit: Live Action + Motion Graphic Animation

Today we are highlighting our Live Action + Motion Graphic Animation video for a non-profit called: The Whole Child.

Their mission is an important one: provide key services for at-risk children and their families.

When they approached Rip Media Group to help them present this mission and tell the stories of some of the families and children whose lives they touch, we were excited to be able to lend a hand.

What we discovered in our discovery process was that Whole Child is an organization that has been supporting families in Southern California since 1958. We decided to tell the stories of three different families, highlighting the areas where The Whole Child is most focused.

Rip Media utilized a documentary crew to interview and capture some of the essence of the families’ struggles and how The Whole Child has elevated their lives.

The resulting video displays the touching warmth of The Whole Child and the families’ struggles. The video received rousing applause during The Whole Child’s 60th Anniversary fund-raising gala dinner and is destined to be included as key video content in all of their marketing and fundraising efforts moving forward.