Vistage – Deep Well Service & Vistage Inside (Live Action Video)

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Vistage: Live Action Video

Today we highlight a recent Live Action Testimonial Video (Commercial Video) for Vistage.

The Video Marketing Scenario:

In 2013, Deep Well Services was in trouble.
DWS is an oil field services company located in central Pennsylvania but that operates in multiple states in the area.
They were on the brink of bankruptcy.
And they turned to a new CEO – and they turned to Vistage for help.

Vistage put together a plan for growth for the CEO and for DWS as a whole. Despite an industry downturn, DWS survived and completely turned itself around. Today, DWS is valued in the 10’s of millions of dollars.

Vistage was so proud of what DWS was able to do – and what they were able to do for them – that they reached out to Rip Media Group to help tell the phenomenal success story of Deep Well Services.

For those of us at Rip, it was an easy story to embrace – and one which we’ve gotten used to telling for Vistage, thanks to our partnership with them over the last few years.

Rip Media sent an experienced producer and film crew to central PA to interview the principal players in the successful turnaround of DWS. What resulted was an engaging and inspirational 3-minute Live Action video showing how teamwork and communication with the right group of people and the right leadership can help a struggling company turn itself around.