3 New Uses for Motion Graphic Animation and Whiteboard Animation

Motion Graphic Animation and Whiteboard Animation

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Motion Graphic Animation ImageAnimated videos are compelling and exciting to watch.  It goes far beyond that, however.  Most of our clients are finding significant benefit from the videos we create, as they are using them across all the marketing and sales channels.  Whiteboard animation and Motion Animation are the ‘starters’ for true integrated marketing.

Whiteboard animations on your webpage (web video)

A text-intensive website may be resulting in confusion.  Try video animation instead, and deliver a focused and poignant message in 90 seconds.  This can be the difference in a conversion to a client, or a bounce off of your site to a competitor.

Try an animated intro video and measure the conversion rates from your text based website.

Motion graphic animations replacing whitepapers

The same content can be created in a much more engaging way.  As with our own whitepaper (and upcoming video!!!  See the sidebar) describes you need to focus on ‘What is in it for them’ so your clients and visitors are engaged and feel the message is directly related to what they care about.

 Conversion of current information graphic into whiteboard animation

Information graphics or ‘infographics’ are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly.

To make them even more exciting, imagine having it come to life with animation.  The story, the art, the text is already there.  A conversion to bring it to life is an amazing upgrade to content you already use.


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