Marketing Video Production for A2Z Represents Inc.

Marketing Video Production for A2Z

Often times in the world of corporate video production, the content we have to work with is very dry and complex. Our job is to take the complex material and translate into a visually appealing, memorable and entertaining form of media. Check out our blog below about a marketing video we produced for one of clients that let us have a bit of fun with the concept and visuals!

Founded in 2009, A2Z Represents Inc. is a forward-thinking and professional manufacturers representation and marketing company specializing in sales and management. A2Z Represents was formed to assist and manage manufacturers with the ever-growing opportunities within and its affiliates. A2Z has the knowledge base and a team of associates who speak Amazonian to get your products posted, managed and sold so you dont have to.

A2Z Represents Inc. tasked Rip Media Group with producing a video primarily to help explain their services to potential users and also to generate leads. When we were throwing around ideas for this marketing video production, we decided to go with an Amazon river concept portrayed in an entertaining and light hearted manner. Produced in a 2D character animation style, we thoroughly enjoyed coming up with visual representations of the Amazons treacherous waters tied into A2Z Represents Inc.s terminology and branding. That brainstorming session was a boat load of fun! (See what I did there?)

We hope you have as much fun watching this marketing video as we had producing it!

Our talented team at Rip Media Group is always creating engaging videos that help sell a brand, product or service in the most efficient and creative way possible. Let our team help you build your brand and get you the visibility and impact your organization needs. 

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