Marketing Videos … Product Videos: How to write a compelling video Part 2

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Rip Media Group is a video production and marketing agency in Los Angeles that produces content and promotes companies online. This 6-part blog  celebrates the best marketing video and product video for business – and teaches you how to prepare for a great video production…Need an explainer video, a product video, sales video and its going to be filmed live, or a whiteboard animation?  You need to build a write story that people want to watch.


In advance of the book release, for the next 6 weeks, Rip Media’s is releasing the series: How to write compelling video.

When it comes to advertising, writing a great script can be the difference between a smashing success and a crashing failure.  Unless you’re  Don Draper on MadMen, writing ‘copy’ may be one of the hardest parts of marketing for you.

As a producer, and business development professional, Rip Media’s CEO, Maury Rogow, discusses his new book “The Sales Force”.  In it we found there are six secrets to writing a successful commercial script.

 If you are writing a whiteboard animation, creating a motion graphic animation, or a about to film a live action video, critical rules apply.

Part 2: Who is your buyer?

Here’s the tricky part: who exactly is your buyer?

Create a buyer profile:

  • Male / Female?
  • Age?
  • Relationship status?
  • Education level?
  • Geography?
  • Job type?
  • Hobbies?
  • Style – earthy/elegant?
  • Car, shoes, watch brand?

The more specific you are, the better your video production will be.  Name your buyerBuyer profile for web video marketing video or whiteboard animationr:

Cameron is a 42 year old, an SUV driver, who just started work at a high tech company, has a wife of 3 years, his first child, and lives in Seattle.”

Are you unsure of your buyer profile? Here is a huge hint for you, the producer, writer, and marketing professional: Search for products similar to yours on social networks using the ‘Sales Force’ method:

Locate, Listen, Interact, Influence

  • Locate the target audience by using keywords, product names, and brand names in the search bar of Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Listen to what they say, how they post, react, and what groups and brands they like.  Look at the photo, the age, the other groups they belong to, the posts they create.  What trends do you see?
  • What are they complaining about?
  • What are the main reasons your perfect buyer does not come to your brand?
  • How would you solve their problems?
  • What is the experience you are able to deliver that improves their life?

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