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Rip Media Group is an multimedia marketing agency in Los Angeles that produces video and promotes companies online. This 6-part blog  celebrates the best animated video and product video for business – and teaches you how to prepare for a great video production…Need an explainer video, a product video, sales video and its going to be filmed live, a whiteboard animation, or an animation – you need to build a good story.


In advance of the book release, for the next 6 weeks, Rip Media’s is releasing the series: How to write compelling video.

As a producer, and business development professional, Rip Media’s CEO, Maury Rogow, discusses his new book “The Sales Force”.  In it we found there are six secrets to writing a successful commercial script.

 If you are writing a whiteboard animation, creating a motion graphic animation, or a about to film a live action video, critical rules apply.


Part 5: You need the “S.T.U.F.F.”

When it comes to advertising or any kind of storytelling, getting in touch with your emotions is not just a therapy exercise. It’s absolutely necessary if you want to connect with your potential buyers on a personal level.

According to Maury Rogow’s book ‘The Sales Force’, it all boils down to the S.T.U.F.F.:

  • Sexy: What makes your product sizzle? What makes it cool?
  • Touching: Is there something about your product or service that brings an emotional tie to past or future desires? Nostalgia? Hope? Empathy?
  • Unique/Unexpected: Creating a whiteboard animation or a motion graphic video is certainly unique, but we must mix in other emotions to create a compelling story.  What else is unique about your product or story?
  • Fear: What are the consequences of your buyers not taking action?
  • Funny: The quickest way to your audience’s heart is to make them laugh.

If you apply the S.T.U.F.F. to your story, and it is produced as a whiteboard animation, animation, or live action commercial, you’ve got yourself a potential winner.

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But, when you think you’re ready to show your carefully-chosen audience everything your product has to offer them with the best story possible… you’ve got one more step to go.



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