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Rip Media Group is an multimedia marketing agency in Los Angeles that produces video and promotes companies online. This 6-part series celebrates the best animated video and product video for business – and teaches you how to prepare for a great video production…Need an explainer video, a product video, sales video and its going to be filmed live, a whiteboard animation, or an animation?  You need to build a good story.


In advance of the book release, for the next 6 weeks, Rip Media’s is releasing the series: How to write compelling video.

As a producer, and business development professional, Rip Media’s CEO, Maury Rogow, discusses his new book “The Sales Force”.  In it we found there are six secrets to writing a successful commercial script.

If you are writing a whiteboard animation, creating a motion graphic animation, or a about to film a live action video, critical rules apply.

Part 6: Test It

Think you’re ready to show off your kickin’ advertising campaign for your new product?  Well, you’re almost ready.

If you’ve followed steps 1 through 5, then you’ve reached the 6th and final step: test your script.

  • Record and listen to your script: You may be amazed at what you hear – it’s not always a good pleasant surprise.  There are auditory learners, there are visual learners…Make sure your script appeals to both types.
  • Ask: would your target buyer “Cameron” need to know this? Go back to your buyer’s perspective: is the information you’re sharing relevant to your goal?
  • Does this inspire “Cameron” to an action? Is your message effective? Expose your story to people who you’d expect to want this product: how do they react?
  • Pretend your competitor is running this ad: Now, try an out-of-company experience. Would you be happy to see this advertisement if another company ran this on television?  Would you be upset you didn’t think of it first? If the answer is no, you might need to go back to the drawing board.
  • Call to Action: Did you have something for the motivated viewer to do, now that they are enlightened?  Too many videos, and commercials have a wonderful message, but the viewer has nowhere to go to learn more, to sign up, or to purchase.  It is your job to make it easy for them to take the next step.
  • Mystery: Did you leave something more, something for the motivated to want to learn more about?

If you’ve made it through all six steps of writing that successful script, then you may very well have an amazing, rock-your-socks-off animation or live video on your hands that will attract your audience.


If you feel you do, don’t waste another moment! Let’s get it produced, and share it with your audience!

And good luck!

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