Marketing Videos … Product Videos…Web Videos: How to write a compelling video Part 3

Rip Media Group is an multimedia marketing agency in Los Angeles that produces video and promotes companies online. This 6-part blog  celebrates the best animated video and product video for business – and teaches you how to prepare for a great video production…Need an explainer video, a product video, sales video and its going to be filmed live, a whiteboard animation, or an animation – you need to build a good story.


Part 3: K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short and Sharable)

When it comes to advertising, keeping your content short and sharable is paramount for success.

Keep it Short: Attention spans for viewers are shorter and shorter.  At trade shows you have 10- 20 seconds, for web it’s 15 seconds, and TV ads are 30 to 60 seconds.

At Rip Media, we have changed companies by understanding their clients’ needs, and conveying the needed message quickly.

One example was a company that has a tagline which was:

“The most advanced plate scanning technology that collects millions of data points, and has the biggest database in the industry”.

My recommendation was:

“It’s not the size of the camera; it’s the power of the information.”

I created the same message in one-third the time.

Keep it Sharable:

Most people have learned of a little company named Google.  This company purchased another company called YouTube.  These two search engine behemoths command the first and second place in search.  It is so prevalent; ‘to Google’ is now a verb.  If your website can not embed a video from YouTube, Vimeo, or the other top video sites, it is time to upgrade.  To optimize your brand, you not only want to have an excellent video, but let viewers share it with other interested people.

If you have gone the lengths to create a whiteboard animation or motion graphic animation story, do not let it sit in a silo on an old website.  Put sharing links up, create a contest around the video, ask for comments, open up to the world and welcome them in.

Websites are your storefronts of the modern day.  Create a site that pops.  Create a site that pops up in search engines when a search is requested for your product category.

Videos are of the highest ranking content.  Good videos, and certainly an excellent whiteboard animation or well done motion graphic animated video, with high views by your target audience, can become a lead generation machine – for customers, partners, press, and even prospective employees, etc.

Learn and use the latest and ever changing Video Search Engine Optimization techniques for organic traffic.  Keep a site like close by to help and give you hints and tips.  Working with a reputable marketing company is crucial.

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