Maury Rogow speaks in Hollywood

Maury Rogow speaks at the Hollywood Shorts Film Festival:

The famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater hosted the Hollywood Shorts film festival last month and  Rip Media’s very own Maury Rogow spoke at the event. Maury discussed in four short steps the most important aspects of creating awareness for a film project.  The steps work as early as funding your project, up to the day it hits theaters.

The four steps were:

‘Locate’. Find out what resources are connected to your project and what your audience would like.

‘Listen’. What Maury calls his “listening campaign”, listening to people and finding out what they need and want. A small market made of people who care is more important than a million people who don’t.  Listen to, and find where your project fits in best.

‘Interact’. Get involved and interact with the people who are interested in your project or subject. Talk to them and give feedback even if they are loosely interested. Be a help, be a resource to as many as you can.

‘Influence’. With the previous steps, you now know where your core audience is, and have built credibility.  After you build a relationship, can you influence.

Other tools mentioned:, that displays where any site is ranked.

Investors love proof that they are investing in something special, and something people care about.

Maury ended his talk with a few recommendations to filmmakers.

Create a web page that contains all the assets of your project and list what will benefit investors.  Use this as the basis for your business plan. Reserve the name of your project on social media sites, as well as the URL before you choose your film name, and find someone else owns it.  Use LinkedIn and services press releases to keep the audience, and investors worldwide updated, and build recognition.

A full review of all the speakers is available at, as the wonderful panelist Tess Taylor, put a full write up together on her website.

Cathy K