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Over the past several months, RipMedia Group has been working with a major television producer to orchestrate an advertising campaign across the internet, using web videos with motion graphics, social media marketing and more. Here are the details:

THE CONCEPT: An upcoming network show that features hand-held and helmet-cam footage from soldiers in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

THE CAMPAIGN: The producing team needed to create a targeted web presence for members of the military to submit their combat footage to the show.

OUR STRATEGY: We created an internet marketing campaign that included a website for video submissions, an informative, call-to-action motion graphic video and a focused social network outreach that included Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and dozens of military websites across the web.

Call-to-action video:

Concept: We wanted a video that got people excited while being informative about the show’s concept. But, the video had to be direct about “what this show needs from you”.

Storyboard:  Once the concept was in place, our graphics team put together a storyboard for the video, as seen on the right. This gave the whole team a clear idea of what the video would entail, giving everyone confidence for the next step…

Final Video: RipMedia’s motion graphics and editing team ramped up the action, adding music, sound effects and engaging images. The final product exceeded expectations:

Interactive website with submission page:

Our web designers and developers quickly created an impressive website to display the call-to-action video and host a military video submission form. Complete with show information, submission rules, and a countdown clock, the sleek new site was ready to go.


Social media outreach

With video and website were all set, it was time to let military across the web know about the show. We went with a targeted marketing strategy, seeking military individuals and groups throughout the internet. We took to social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, creating pages and generating likes and fans, while contacting military uploaders on Youtube and Vimeo, recommending they submit to the show. We also went down less-traveled paths, scouring the internet for military blogs, forums, networking and video sites, all in the name of acutely focused marketing.

This has been a very fun and exciting project to collaborate with, and everyone from RipMedia to our clients look forward to what more will come!




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