Video Marketing Statistics That Will Blow Your Socks Off

Video Marketing Statistics

Video marketing has taken center stage over the past few months as more
and more online businesses realize its potential for helping their success in an
ever-changing media world. But many business owners still need proof that
this trend is backed up by research and statistics. After all, important business
decisions require solid facts to justify spending or increasing marketing budgets.
It’s important to note that if you increase your budget for video production,
your overall investment will pay off. Catch your attention yet? Well good! Get
comfortable because we’re going to help you understand this lingo a bit more.

So, if the recent surge in online video marketing among big corporations
is not enough to convince you, here are some statistics to consider when
contemplating your marketing strategies.


1. Videos increase customer understanding of a product or service by 74%.
2. YouTube, while considered a video platform, is the #2 search engine in
the world with over 500 million visitors per month!
3. Around 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching videos!
4. Over 100 million Internet users watch an online video sometime during the
5. 50% of users watch videos on their appropriate business through
YouTube at least once a week.
6. Videos are considered the #1 reason visitors convert to customers.
7. Explainer videos help emphasize important points in your message and
allow you to talk directly to potential customers.
8. 75% of executives watch job-related videos at least once per week.
9. 80% of Internet users remember the video ads they watch online.
10. 26% of Internet users are inspired to expand their search and seek out
other information after viewing a video ad.
11. 22% of Internet users visit the websites they see named in video ads they
12. 12% of viewers purchase the specific product featured in an ad after
viewing is over.
13. Website visitors who viewed a video are 64% more likely to purchase
14. Real Estate listings with videos receive 403% more inquiries than those
without video content.
15. Email campaigns result in 2-3 times higher click-through rates when
marketers include a video in the email.


Is that enough proof for ya? These statistics are enough proof to convince
anyone that video sells. Viewers are proactive online, and they are actively
scouring the web for video content. They want information, and they want it
fast! Use these findings to your advantage by satisfying viewer behavior and
capitalizing on their need to be informed and entertained – with video. It reaches
them in a way that text and articles alone simply cannot do.

To meet your potential customers where they live, scale up your video
marketing campaign with an explainer or corporate video. Investing in video is
much more affordable now due to the many types of editing software and video
equipment available today. Because of this, you’ll see a much faster ROI (return
on investment) as a result.

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