Video Production and the Sundance Film Festival

Off to the Sundance  Film Festival to support Filly Brown, Cima Productions, Olmos Productions, the rest of the team that made it to the hit Filly.  This is the same team that produced Bedrooms with RipMedia a year ago.

Looking forward to a great week of film, film makers, learning, and renewed excitement to create good story.  The short films may hold some incredible new talent yet to be discovered, and may be doing corporate motion graphics, animation, and are forming the art of telling a full story within a few minutes.  The best and brightest story tellers will be there.  New techniques, equipment, software, and ideas are everywhere.

Most of our team are in the office and happy to help make your company intro videos, what we like to call  “movie trailers for your business”.  We have new clients creating several corporate motion graphic videos, we will post the links in the coming weeks…The conversion rates from viewers- to- sign- up has already DOUBLED for one client.

We are very proud the motion graphic video has had such an impact.

Be well.