6 part series : “Producing a whiteboard animation, motion graphic animation, or live video? The Secret Code in a Successful Script”

Sales Force

Our CEO, Maury Rogow, has written a 6 part series to be released ahead of his book launch.  This 6 part series, in blog format, is from one chapter of the upcoming book, The Sales Force: The Four Most Powerful Social Media and Sales Tips In The Universe.

The series is for the commercial and promotional video producers in marketing, communications, or entrepreneurs launching a new product or service.

The Secret Code in a Successful Script.

Keep checking for the following articles at:  ripmediagroup’s blog  or follow this link directly to all six steps: http://bit.ly/RIcWr9

Whether you are hiring a producer, writer, animation studio, or are doing the work yourself, you will need these tips.  Compiled over years of research, I will release the guide in September.   Useful for product launch videos, commercial videos, corporate industrials, motion graphic animation, whiteboard animation…and more.

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