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Like it or not, you work for a media company. 

Todays’ world has changed the way we engage with clients, develop products, hire the best employees, and win new customers. The amount of “noise” in the marketplace is increasing by the day and it is essential that you communicate with your customers in a way that quickly grabs, and holds attention. The winner is being the best visual storyteller.

Simply said: If you confuse them, you will lose them.

Maury Rogow, CEO at Rip Media Group, Executive Producer, and Author, has a rare combination of success in both business and Hollywood. He built his prominent career in business development at Avaya, Lucent Technologies, and GeoTel, a startup that was sold to Cisco Systems for over $1 Billion. He has launched dozens of new products and businesses successfully. His Hollywood credits include producing two theatrical films, working with the creator of the Batman franchise, and acting in various roles, including Entourage and Oceans 13. His blend of business marketing and Hollywood story give him a unique voice to story-based-marketing.

Rip Media Group focuses on the art of visual storytelling for business leaders. Rip Media Group works with clients as diverse as Comcast Universal, Kaiser Permanente, and Ben and Jerry’s, creating both their video content and story strategy.

Audiences need to know how to grow a business and strengthen a brand by leveraging visual storytelling. He will share strategy, resources, tips, and tools to set you up for success. Companies such as Cisco Systems, Comcast Universal NBC, Ben and Jerry’s, Black and Decker, Harvard and CEO/executive communities Vistage and Young Presidents’ Organization, have relied on Maury and his hand-picked team to increase visibility and tell their stories more powerfully. Revenue from campaigns he has supported are currently in the hundreds of millions.

Based on years of creative production, Maury can deliver powerful messaging, while the audience will learn ready-to-implement processes and actions.  Key takeaways include:

  1. Leverage your brand by using the power of visual storytelling
  2. Learn and incorporate the ‘Hollywood Story Formula’
  3. Implement the 5 most important emotions to use in your marketing story

The content fills multiple needs such as keynote speeches, full-day training sessions, and one-to-many workshops.

Current Keynote, ‘Ted-talk’ speeches, and workshops:

  • Story2Sales: How to create and deliver stories that sell
  • Hollywood Confidential: Your Brand Will Live or Die Based on the Story You Tell
  • Your Customer’s Journey and How to Engage Prospects at the Right Time
  • Learn How to Get the Emotional S.T.U.F.F. in Your Campaign
  • The Value of Bold Leadership

Currently, the most popular sessions focus on examples of great stories (commercials, films, and marketing campaigns) and the most important steps on how your team can create a great story that is memorable and engaging.  These are not sales pitches, these ARE training sessions on how successful companies create better sales campaigns, movie studios create great films, and how you can use the very same strategies.

Your brand will live or die based on the story you tell.




Maury created the “Hollywood Confidential” based on his passion for helping entrepreneurs as well as ‘intrapreneurs.’ He identified a need for such content when he was with GeoTel, a startup sold to Cisco for over $1 Billion Dollars, and started his own company, Rip Media Group, which produced two theatrical films, and for seven years has created commercials, marketing campaigns, and visual stories for the Fortune 100 to hundreds of mid size and start up organizations.


Target Market

Marketing managers to executives. 

The organizational heads in Marketing and Business Development will all find the content useful as he gives examples of why the best customers are attracted to the best story (not a price tag).



Our objective is to raise awareness that millennials through baby boomers are buying based on different criteria.  As awareness is raised about how to use ‘story’ to elevate your brand, you become not just a seller, but an influencer and an expert. We are here to support you when the story needs to be told visually.


TV / Media / Speech Samples:

Below are samples from some recent speeches from television and radio interviews, in-studio presentations, to live presentations.





Live Performance

Bold Leadership


Webinar Training

The Customer’s Journey


Studio + Animation Mix

Which Style Fits Your Brand?


TV Appearance

Business Rockstars



Maury is Executive Producer of Bedrooms, as seen on Showtime, Consulting Producer at CIMA Productions, New Media Producer at Cabin 14 Productions, Co-producer of Enter the Dangerous Mind, and producer of hundreds of branded and commercial productions for companies as varied as Ben and Jerry’s to Cisco Systems. 

A proud member of the Producers Guild of America, Maury has guest lectured/spoken at 

  • Harvard
  • UCLA
  • USC
  • CalArts Center

He has presented and moderated at:

  • Producers Guild of America (National Member & Mentor)
  • American Marketing Association
  • National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
  • Act-On 
  • Cisco
  • LexisNexis
  • Screen Actors Guild
  • Web Marketing Association
  • Hollywood Film Festival
  • National Association of Television Production Executives
  • And many others

He was featured on TV/Radio/Podcast:

  • School for Startups 
  • Entrepreneurship Radio Hour
  • Business Rockstars
  • edWeb.TV 
  • The PK Podcast Public Speaking Tips
  • And many others

He has also presented at Fortune 500 corporations as varied as Stanley Black and Decker to Cisco Systems, and is a regular writer published monthly in,, and



Maury received his BA from West Virginia University and an Executive MBA Certification in Global Technology from Tufts University.  He then received an Executive MBA from Tufts University and built his prominent career in business development at Avaya, Lucent Technologies and GeoTel, a startup that was sold to Cisco Systems for over $1 Billion. At these two software and communication companies, Maury consistently earned such recognition as the Achievers Club, the Leadership Award, and was a member of the Leaders’ Council, a recognition with strict qualifications that was selected from the top 1% of the company.

After 15 years of successful startup experience, Maury shifted focus to the entertainment industry. He served as an Executive Producer for the feature film Bedrooms, which won the Ace Festival, the Audience Award in New York at the Tribeca Theater, the Bel Air and Santa Barbara Festivals. Maury Rogow was also an Executive Producer for the film Enter The Dangerous Mind, which premiered at South by Southwest Festival and stars Scott Bacula, Nicki Reed, Jake Hoffman, Thomas Decker.

In recent years, Maury founded and currently serves as President and Executive Producer of RipMedia Group, which focuses on the art of visual storytelling for business. He started Rip Media Group to help others achieve success in business through the creation of engaging marketing media. The company has defined a niche in production services as a digital video and creative agency. RipMedia works with clients as diverse as Comcast Universal, Kaiser Permanente, and Ben and Jerry’s for digital, live, and TV content. Today, Maury’s company donates profits to help non-profits fight cancer and eradicate malaria.

He has written the Rise of The Entrepreneur, and supplemental workbooks, available to business via Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. 


Case Study: Brand Launch


LEXISNEXIS launches a new campaign

LexisNexis (NYSE: ENL, $6B annual revenue) provides content-enabled workflow solutions in the corporate, legal, and academic markets. They believe in the integration of information and technology, with 15,000 employees spread across over 100 countries. LexisNexis has developed their global brand around studying risk management in order to stimulate growth and increase profitability.

Maury started relationship with LexisNexis starting with a story concept.  That concept was not only accepted, but turned in to the driving message for all product launches for the next two years.  Maury and his team have consulted and created visual media for multiple divisions. Each of their needs are unique and we’ve taken pride in delivering content that not only meets, but exceeds the individual customer requirements.  We think in terms of ‘our customers’ customer’.

Recently, our team put together a stunning motion graphic video to launch their Identity Led Policing platform. This video was played at major trade shows and is now displayed on their company website. Our design images from the video integrate into a full set up for their trade show booth.

The video created such a strong message that our team designed their trade show branding, printed materials, and branded t-shirts (all based on the video messaging). The team at LexisNexis were thrilled with the results.

“We were searching for the right agency, something innovative, creative, and cutting edge… Rip Media blew us away.“ – LexisNexis




Case Study: Micro-Brand


Micro-funding Kickstarter Campaign results in $167,000

A company with a challenge

Microduino needed funding to manufacture their microchips for the ‘maker’ market. We were thrilled when Microduino asked Maury to create something special for them.

They launched a Kickstarter campaign, needing to raise $40,000 in 30 days to get enough money to bring their new products to market. 

The result of our consultation was a story driven live-action video production aided with a modern feel through the use of strategically placed motion graphic overlays to enhance product details, but not focus on them.  This helped make the video both fun and informative. The Kickstarter video is capped by a personal plea from one of the founders, putting a human face to the company. 


At the end of 30 days, they more than quadrupled their goal with a grand total of $167,570.



  1. If you have any questions at all, please let us know. We are happy to clarify any points and there may be some items that we can sort out together. We’re committed to finding the best way to work together.
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  3. We will send along rate cards and travel details.
  4. Once you feel confident about everything and are ready to move forward, we will send along a simple agreement.
  5. Once we receive notification of your acceptance, we’ll contact you shortly to sort out next steps and get the next steps rolling.
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