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Visual media is the most effective tool in any marketing strategy. If you want to maximize click-throughs and amp up your ROI, you need to provide content that stands out from the competition.

Motion Graphic Animation from Rip Media can help give your project the “wow!” factor that gets clicks and drives high conversions. They can also greatly enhance the message in your presentations, training modules, webpages, or social media channels. We work with all popular video platforms and can produce quality motion graphics in any popular file format.

Our proven content creation process ensures that your project will be ready on your schedule. Other companies keep their customers waiting for months on end, but with Rip Media, you can be certain that we value your time and we are as committed to your project as you are. Our system both minimizes wait time and maximizes quality.

Contact us to discover the difference a quality custom Motion Graphic animation video from Rip Media can make for your business or organization.

Motion Graphics Animation is also for Search Engine Optimization. If your video is useful, fun, engaging, and unique, people will share.

As you read in the guide, please notice that video productions are created just as your product or service is: for a defined audience. Rip Media Group will produce the video that YOUR audience needs to see, and makes your ‘phone ring’.

On this page, lets focus on examples of motion graphic animation.

The origin of these videos can date back to the original cartoon animations we watched as kids. 2D animation has always been appealing. What was once affordable only to studios willing to take months to design, sketch, pen, ink, color, create, then manually splice frames together, now with affordable new software packages like After Effects and Maya, motion graphic animations can be created by skilled animators for your brand.

One basic example of motion graphics is typography video typically used as an intro video.  If an animation focuses on ‘text’, rather than a story, the common names are: text animation, kinetic typography, typography animation, moving type, and motion typography.

Sometimes  motion graphic videos can be used to explain a difficult to understand product or service, such as the launch of a far reaching and wonderful teaching product for elementary school aged children. This is another reason they are called by the name ‘explainer video’. In the following example, the organization had a difficult time explaining how this software was so beneficial for children, yet, so advanced. Condensing the most important benefits and messaging was critical to the story.

Sound effects, music, and narration can be added to the video to add to the story, like the above, or as you can see with this motion graphic animation video we produced for a education reform non profit organization, sound is a wonderful aid to the video, but voice over was not needed:

As you can see, there are many different styles. What do you like best?

We have focused on just the ‘explainer video’ that would introduce a company to the world, yet, much more detailed training videos, sales videos, product videos, and marketing videos can be created. Once you have an audience’ attention, it is best to teach them, so your clients will see you as an expert in your field.

One well-produced video can generate as many sales referrals as 10 trade shows. The return on investment can be dramatic. These motion graphic videos are known in the industry by many names, some of which are: App movies, corporate animation video, explainer video, product trailers, company product movie, company product teaser, marketing animation video, and intro animations.

For more information:

We have dozens of examples in different styles, colors, and story types. If you would like help with whiteboard animation, explainer video creation, or launching your product, please CONTACT US. We are happy to help.


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