The History of Motion Graphics

History of Motion Graphics

Where did motion graphics come from? What is all the talk about this dynamic “new” medium, and is it really new? The answers are “yes” and “no.” Woah, what? Two answers? You read that correctly my friend. The motion graphics we see today on the internet, featuring various digital applications and production techniques, are changing the way we create and interact with this medium. Motion graphics started a long time ago, and longer than you may think.


Motion design precedes motion graphics as an art form, and it goes back to a time that predates the history of cinema itself. In a popular short film put together by a company known as “Motion+Design,” a nonprofit organization dedicated in studying animation and graphic design in Paris makes the point that motion design and motion graphics animation are not the same thing.

Motion design, according to the filmmakers, is simply any moving image or pictures or art form involving moving pictures, while motion graphics animation involves more specifically, “animated characters expressing themselves directly” in a story.

That being said, mid-century film artists such as Norman McLaren and Saul Bass have paved the way for new and more innovative forms of both motion design and motion graphics. This is so that more contemporary artists such as Kyle Cooper and Imaginary Forces could pick up where they left off.


Today, rather than splitting hairs on where motion design stops and motion graphics picks up, both of these arts are becoming more dynamic in terms of their potential to incorporate endless numbers of digital effects, interactive design, and other special features. It is argued by many that motion graphics and its predecessor, motion design, just may be the most sought-after art form of the 21st century.


As you strive to develop the best marketing strategies for your online videos today, consider the art forms that people prefer. This should dictate what you do in terms of your production costs and advertising dollars. And since people are looking for animations on YouTube and respond to these forms of video better than traditional videos, isn’t that where you should focus your efforts?


So, where do you begin when planning your next marketing video? How do you put together your own motion graphics animations? You could hire an animator, try to draw the graphics yourself, and find suitable animation software to animate them for you. You could also take some online classes on motion graphics creation. Better yet, you could get help from the experts. That’s where we come in.

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