Hypernetwork – HYPERNET (Motion Graphic Animation)

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Hypernet had a problem. They had one of the most unique tech applications around, but had a hard time articulating it without sounding like a robot from outer space. They were losing sales and investment opportunities because what they do is complex or hard to explain.

You see, Hypernet has created a way to tap into the latent compute power of devices that are just sitting around unused. They then use this power to create decentralized supercomputing.

This means that individuals or organizations that are in need of massive computing power to solve big problems have a new way of getting it. And those with idle devices have a new income stream. Like an Airbnb for networked devices.

Rip Media Group answered the call to create a video that was stylized enough to show the intricacies of Hypernet’s technology while also being engaging and entertaining so that a layman would say, “Wow, that sounds cool!”

We created a stylized motion graphic approach for their video marketing needs. And as we carried on with the production, the good folks at Hypernet embraced our vision by requesting four additional versions in the same style for varying marketing purposes.

Hypernet maintains its status as a forward-thinking, cutting edge company. And now they have an assortment of stylized motion graphic videos to help tell their story.

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