CalAmp & LoJack LotSmart Product Motion Graphic Video for Social Media Campaign

Motion Graphic Video

When LoJack came to us needing a 15-second web video for their social media campaigns, we were excited.  Here at Rip Media we love the LoJack brand and delight in making a short, high-impact motion graphic video. They wanted more than just a video, however – so we delivered all the banners and GIFs they needed to launch their campaign across their entire social network.

Here, LoJack is using this campaign to launch their new LotSmart product, which is a great auto inventory management tool for car dealerships.  They felt it would make a big impact on the dealership owners and salespeople alike, and they had a lot of story to tell.  So, we helped them refine their message down to its core essence, and crammed as much story as we could in 15 seconds of motion graphics animation.

They are happy with the video and delighted that we delivered the entire package for the campaign with all the assets they needed.

Production Company: Rip Media Group

Client: LoJack

Executive Producer: Maury Rogow

Creative Producer: Barry Silver

LoJack LotSmart from Rip Media Group on Vimeo.