Motion Graphics Animation – Pharma

A pharma brand needed high quality video marketing  to help explain their new solution.

Simply put, there are drug products that are susceptible to both excessive humidity and extreme dryness so a standard desiccant won’t work.  That is the basic premise behind this equilibrium stabilizer, and the team at Rip Media Group had the perfect way to display this so it was understandable to regular people!

  • We started by creating a script that carefully laid out the problem, then launched into the uniqueness of the product and providing admissible limits of humidity throughout a product’s shelf-life.
  • From there, we designed a dynamic motion graphic visual style to present the imagery.
  • We then utilized engaging motion graphic animation to showcase the clarity and health that medications can provide when they use equilibrium stabilizers.

In the end, they had a great sales tool that gracefully explained a complex product.

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Video Transcription:

Dry environment or humid environment. Sometimes you want the best of both worlds. 

Most moisture-sensitive pharmaceuticals require dry conditions. Thus, desiccants are used.

However, there are drug products that are susceptible to both excessive humidity and extreme dryness so a standard desiccant won’t work.

For example, the drug formulation in gelatin capsules can be subject to humidity degradation, while the capsule can be susceptible to brittleness and breakage if its moisture content isn’t maintained.

The key challenge of dry powder inhalers is to maintain particle sizing and ensure the proper deposition of medication in the lungs.

High humidity can increase capillary forces, and dry conditions can result in electrostatic charges. Both threaten the proper delivery of medicine.

So what’s the solution for maintaining the perfect equilibrium? Equilibrium stabilizers.

They function as both desiccant and humectant simultaneously to maintain equilibrium relative humidity between the admissible limits throughout shelf-life.

Without protection, chemical and physical stability can be compromised before the end of shelf life. 

In this example, to maintain a full two-year shelf life, this drug needs to be kept within 20 to 40 percent relative humidity.

With an equilibrium stabilizer, the relative humidity inside the package is kept within a safe range .

Equilibrium stabilizers are available in several configurations and can help create the perfect environment for the precious world inside your package.