How Motion Graphics Can Boost Your Business

Motion Graphics for Business

There are many different methods to get your message across to the masses today. One way is through the use of motion graphics or animations. Excuse us, the “FUN” way. Motion graphics and animations are the result of combining several images or graphics into a single image which gives the illusion of movement. They are being used more and more by businesses to capture the attention of customers and potential buyers.

Modern technology has dramatically changed how media is used and information is obtained. People go online to access information with the click of a mouse, and advertisers are working to channel the power of the Internet to promote their brands in new ways and faster than ever before.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that all other forms of advertising have been forsaken in favor of online media. Ads on radio, newspaper, and TV can be highly effective, especially when used in conjunction with other media. Some businesses opt to put links to their websites in their print ads to increase cross-platform exposure to their messages. They also put information about offline ads into online ads. In addition, videos encourage customers to visit their physical locations if applicable. Best Buy recently ran such a campaign in which they placed coupons on their website for customers to print for use in their physical stores. This solution combined the best of both offline and online marketing advantages.


Motion graphics are often accompanied by audio tracks to increase their impact. They can be used in several different types of platforms, both offline and online, making them very versatile. Primitive forms of motion graphics were developed for display screens and flip books and were often converted into 35 mm films, but the technology is mostly digital now. Its versatility can increase exposure across a plethora of different contexts.



  • They make advertisements more noticeable.
  • Motion graphics allow you to widen your audience by reaching more people faster.
  • They can be formatted to require less disk space than videos which allows for faster page loads and thus higher audience retention.
  • They have unlimited creative potential.


When considering the use of motion graphics, think about the number of people who are online these days on such sites as YouTube searching for video about specific topics and products. You can’t afford to miss out on this market potential. If you don’t know where to start to create your own motion graphics or animation, that’s where we can help!

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