Motion Graphics Video for Corcentric

Motion Graphics Video for Corcentric

Corcentric ( wanted to continue the video marketing series they had made with Rip Media Group with a video introducing their new Cor360 Approval Workflow platform.

Imagine, as an AP professional, being able to receive and process invoices, while managing the data created from them, in a simple, automated way. That was the task we embraced in creating this video featuring their unique platform.

  • Our first step was to gather the necessary information and data to comprise an engaging script.  We used one of our most experienced writers to comb through the content and distill it into comprehensible copy that maintained an air of excitement.
  • Next we turned to our motion graphics artist to take a number of the client’s branded assets and design a look and feel.
  • Finally, we pieced it all together with one of our top Animators to utilize those assets to create a vibrant and exciting Motion Graphics video, complete with given an overview of the process and interface, as well as screen capture and demonstration.

The client, who was helpful throughout the process, was very positive about the end product. They’re going to use it on their website and also marketing on YouTube and perhaps other social media channels.

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Video Transcription:

Manual processes, paper invoices, workflow issues. They slow down your accounts payable Department and ultimately interfere with the success of your business.

That’s why Corcentric developed Cor360 approval workflow. 

Designed by AP professionals for AP professionals Cor360 is simple and easy to use, while enabling teams to respond to the demands of a fast-paced payables environment by automating your accounts payable process from beginning to end.

Instead of relying on paper and manual processes Cor360 approval workflow uses invoice virtualization to digitize all of your invoices regardless of format.

Based on your business rules our smart routing technology takes the delays out of invoice approvals by having it go directly to the final approver – without AP intervention.

Fully automated 3-way matching process uses the PO, receipt of goods and invoice to ensure that customers have the highest possible match rate.

Through integration with your ERP system your team gets straight through processing so they can focus on exceptions rather than every single invoice.

Better spend management is at your fingertips with easy to use reports such as report scheduling and recurring invoices that let you set it and forget it.

Gain immediate visibility into your spend with real-time dashboards. 

Now your team can spend time on the data and not the data entry. And because we know business is always moving, Corcentric has developed an intuitive mobile interface that is easy to view and use.

Best of all, Corcentric experts are by your side every step of the way. Your success is our success.

Transform your AP process with Cor360 approval workflow. 

Contact Corcentric today and let your AP Department deliver value for the entire organization.