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Imagine if you had the ability to repair and regrow lost and damaged tissue and organs in the human body?  Pretty cool, huh? … what if you that ability was actually found within the human body itself? Doubly cool, right?!

Well, the scientists at Novo Biosciences are on the cusp of doing just that.  Their research has led them to breakthrough gene therapy to unlock the code that spurs the body to heal itself.

The team at Novo Biosciences wanted to create a video that would announce their incredible breakthrough, and to try to obtain more partners and investment capital to continue and elevate this research.  And they wanted the video to be as memorable as their work.

So they turned to the experts at Rip Media Group.  

  • First, we designed a sleek and engaging visual style based on hand drawn animation to show how Novo Biosciences could impact the millions of people either suffering directly from things like heart disease or who are touched by heart disease.
  • Our artist then created arresting and impactful visuals.
  • Then our animator used an ink reveal style combined with motion graphics to bring the art to life.

In the end, the team at Novo Biosciences was ecstatic with the look and feel and delivered it to potential investors.

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