The 25 Best Motion Graphics Videos To Stoke Your Creativity

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Are you working on your next set of big motion graphics videos? Have you hit a creative block? Well, we’ve gathered some of our favorite motion graphics animations for you to glance over before getting back to work.

These animated masterpieces are sure to stoke your creativity.

1. MLS Playoff 2017

One of the best uses of motion graphics is in mixed media. The MLS Playoff promo by ESPN takes full advantage of this by crafting animation reminiscent of an action-packed show’s intro sequence.

Motion graphics is especially good at getting the heart racing, and this promo does precisely that.

2. iTrade

iTrade is the single biggest company that you’ve never heard about. Their most recent advertising work makes full use of motion graphics’ ability to convey information quickly and stylishly. This particular animation was put together by us

(Yes, this is a shameless plug, but we’re also incredibly proud of this, and we’d like to show it off a little.)

3. When You Say You’re a Swimmer

When You Say You’re a Swimmer from eli g on Vimeo.

This video is another excellent example of motion graphics in mixed media, but it shows off something completely different. This video, which was made by Eli Guillou, shows just how well video graphics compliment a great voice over.  

The surprisingly simple graphics for video add to the narration’s punch, nearly doubling the emotional impact. Sometimes, you need to keep things simple.

4. Microduino – Itty Bitty Buggy

We also made this video, but we’re highlighting another one of our videos for a reason. This video leverages motion graphics for the same reason that “Why You Say You’re a Swimmer” does – motion graphics create something greater than the sum of its parts.  

This graphics video leveraged motion graphics to create a world that was more magical than the world that we know. 

5. Google Cloud IoT Solutions

Another strength of graphics for video is its ability to translate complex subjects into easy to understand messages. Google leveraged Mo’ Graph animation to create a message that translated the complex fields of data collection, distribution, and storage into something that anyone can understand. 

We love Google’s use of animation to condense messages like they consistently have in their graphics videos (in fact, we have another of their videos in this motion graphics list).

6. Sugar of the Day

Sugar of the day from Tien-Min Liao on Vimeo.

One of the most critical parts of motion graphics can be typography and storytelling through visuals. This video by Tien-Min Liao is an excellent example of this done well.  

This beautifully made video graphic, mixed-media masterpiece is an excellent example of what motion graphics can do independently.

7. Live Fearless

FEP – Blue Cross and Blue Shield from Ridvan Maloku on Vimeo.

This 30th birthday celebration film uses video graphics to create upbeat informational graphics that ran through Blue Cross Blue Shield’s best accomplishments. Blue Cross Blue Shield’s video’s optimistic attitude is a great example of how corporate celebrations can look.

8. RoleBot

RoleBot is a revolutionary new staffing program that uses AI to match employers and their employees. This typography forward video delivers as much information as possible in the shortest amount of time. 

 RoleBot used this video and its video graphics to secure most of their startup capital and propel them to their current spot in the hiring business. RoleBot is a great example of how motion graphics can help deliver information.

9. Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao

You may remember the Mayweather V. Pacquiao fight from 2015. You may also remember the fight promo that Wyzowl made. This promo cashed in on the incredible hype that the fight inspired by leaning heavily into a comic book aesthetic. 

Once the animation paired with an announcer’s VO, we couldn’t have asked for a better The 25 Best Motion Graphics Videos To Stoke Your CreativityThe 25 Best Motion Graphics Videos To Stoke Your Creativity one-two punch. We think this is an excellent example of using genre in motion graphics to create a cohesive feeling.

10. Google For Education 

Google For Education from BUCK on Vimeo.

Here’s another mention of Google, and they deserve every second of it.  

Google for education is not only a great service, but it’s also accompanied by an amazingly clean example of how motion graphics are used. Google also made this video graphic without voiceover, making this video both extra accessible and extra clean. We’re always looking to Google for inspiration. 

11. Anything But Ordinary

Webflow – Ecommerce from Ordinary Folk on Vimeo.

This video graphic, made by Ordinary Folk, is a masterclass on clean-lined motion graphics and gradients. The design of this video is terrific. It sucks you in with gentle colors and elastic animations.  

This piece does a great job showing us how motion graphics can be used in explainer videos as infographics and brand-building pieces. 

12. Regina Spektor – All the Rowboats

Regina Spektor “All the Rowboats” from Hornet on Vimeo.

Yes, this isn’t an advertisement. However, it is an excellent example of how mixed media and motion graphics can be used together to create a visual and auditory spectacle. Regina Spektor’s “All the Rowboats” music video seamlessly blends great cinematography with stunning white dancing visuals. 

If nothing else gets your creative juices flowing, this will.

13. Vice News

Broadcast > News Graphics: Vice News Tonight from The Motion Awards on Vimeo.

News shows have a brand to protect and, consequently, they need a show intro that mirrors that. Vice News is the best example of this. 

Vice’s intro feels professional and informative. It also brings to mind the unforgettable urban influence that Vice has always projected. 

We think that this is another great example of how you should use motion graphics for branding. 

14. PTSD Public Service Announcement

Much like the Pacquiao and Mayweather fight, other companies have taken advantage of comic book styling to help broadcast their message. Recently, the Veterans Administration contacted us about doing a short series on PTSD. We used whiteboard animation, a form of motion graphics animation, to help them tell their stories. This combination of animation and motion graphics does toe the line between pure animation and motion graphics, but we believe this still fits the bill.

We styled this motion graphic like a comic book to enable those seeking help to feel less threatened by societal expectations. This is a great example of how graphics for video can help transmit a message. 

15. AHRefs

Ahrefs made an animation that brands the company nicely and encourages conversions in a non-smarmy way that we liked. 

This animation also helps make SEO research seem fun with an upbeat tempo and joyful animations. The tone this video has is so unique to motion graphics that it got our hearts racing. We had to include it.

16. PayPal

PayPal is known for their minimalist aesthetic and clean design, so motion graphics were perfect for one of their latest explainer videos. 

We think that this is an excellent example of how white space is used to draw eyes toward the subject of a video. 

If you’re still looking for inspiration after all this time, try adding a little white space.

17. Luibelle

Here’s another excellent example of white space used well. You’ll notice that none of the characters in this animation by Luibelle are colored in. Instead, the linework suggests shadows and skin tones with the barest of clues. 

We think this is a great example of how color, or the lack of color, can elevate a branded motion graphic videos’ tone.

18. Skype for Business

Skype leverages a minimalist and modern approach in their “Skype for Business” promotional video by Column Five that inspires us to think about motion graphics more deeply. 

Next time you’re putting together an animation, consider simplicity. You might be able to help your audience identify more strongly with a character if their features are minimal like Skype has done.

19. Chemistry and Energy Efficient Buildings

This motion graphics animation was made to be an explainer video detailing the benefits of energy-efficient buildings. We think that Diemo Barz did a great job with this video. Information is delivered efficiently, in a detailed way, and is easy to understand – all musts for good explainer videos. 

Look to this example next time you’re putting together an informational video.

20. Apex Learning – Why Apex – Motion Graphic

Apex Learning is an online learning platform that competes with other facets in the education system. They needed a video that would stand out, be family-friendly, and relatable. 

We made the video that they needed by simplifying the characters, making them relatable, and getting the best voice over talent and motion graphics artists on the job. 

The result was a high-end explainer video that caught the eye and held it.

21. Social Media and You

The British Council – Social Media & You – Infographics from binalogue on Vimeo.

This example of informational motion graphics was created by The British Council to launch their social media strategy pack. The British Council’s video needed to be easy for the public to understand. This short explainer lays out everything a citizen would need to know with fluid graphics and a modern feel that should appeal to most demographics in British society. 

This mo’ graph is a great example of how the government can effectively communicate with their citizens.

22. Just Gentle Cooking

What do you need to cook? Just Gentle Cooking has your answer. In this calming mixed-media piece created by Aggressive Just Gentle Cooking lays out their farm-to-table food acquisition process. 

Motion graphics are quite good in both of these areas. Animations like these are great for laying out supply chain functions in easy to understand, fun ways. We love this imaginative example by Just Gentle Kitchen.

23. The Economy of Coca-Cola

Another news outlet, this time Bloomberg, created this stunning motion graphic piece to illustrate the lifespan of Coca Cola as a brand. Then the animation shows what the brand has done that’s good and what it’s done that’s bad. 

These graphics do a good job of demonstrating the ability motion graphics have to create visual metaphors.

24. Cedars Sinai Virtual Services – Motion Graphics Animation

This motion graphic works as a promo video introducing Cedars Sinai’s new healthcare-focused app. The paper-cut out styling of this motion graphic makes the app more welcoming, adds more depth to the narration, and elevates the message. We’re proud of the way we were able to help Cedars-Sinai during this promotion. 

If you’re looking to add depth to your video, think about changing the style by adding shadows or different character designs.

25. Bing Snapshots

Bing Snapshots released this mo’ graph video to help explain Bing’s new offering to its customers. This offering allows users to make Bing a better, more interactive version of their last browsers iteration.

Bing leveraged motion graphics to help them go for an on-the-nose approach to their animation. If you want to do a walkthrough video, look no further.

Do These Motion Graphics Videos inspire you?

These examples are some of our favorite pieces of motion graphics work. Yes, we did plug ourselves a couple of times, but that’s because we’re incredibly proud of the work that our team produces. 

Additionally, if you feel like you’re in over your head, you can always reach out to us as well. We’d be happy to help.