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2D Motion Graphic Animation: Gamifying Learning

Knowre Motion Graphic Video

KnowRe is a math program that teaches middle school students mathematics in an amazingly fun way. Teachers benefit from the program with KnowRe’s self learning style, as well as amazing reporting. Learn more at

2D Motion Graphics for Social CRM “CoMingl”

2D Motion Graphics for Comingl

Motion Graphics for Social CRM client CoMingl. Client needed a fast and simple for prospective clients to understand the new CRM product.
Our team created these graphics and video, which was extremely well received.

Live Action + Interviews + Animation: ReDigi Music

Sofia ReDigi

Live Action and Animation production introducing a new product from ReDigi.  Filmed over two days with multiple users of the product.  Live splice-of-life interviews mixed with light animation helps to tell the story of this revolutionary product.