The industry calls them by many different names, such as: ‘product trailers’, ‘app movies’, ‘intro videos’…and the insider tools of the trade are: great artists, writers, directors with HD cameras, and editors with After Effects, Final Cut, and fun sounding software that normal people will never care to know.  The videos are typically produced with motion graphic animation, or whiteboard animation, but some are live video productions.  The only limit is the imagination…and the budget.

What is the result?

It’s a video that explains or introduces your product or service in about 90 seconds, and sells your ideas while you sleep.

What are some of the results of investing in a Rip Media ‘explainer video’?

In many cases the results have been miraculous.  We integrate the video with your online and offline marketing efforts to maximize the impact for your brand.

Here is an example that includes elements of corporate motion graphics, whiteboard animation, and tribute video production:

This was produced as a live video production, also called a tribute video or ‘Ripomatic’: