Like it or not…Your brand will live or die based on the story you tell.

Today’s digital world has changed the way we engage with clients, develop products, hire the best employees, and win new customers.

The amount of “noise” in the marketplace is increasing by the day and it is essential that you communicate with your customers in a way that you quickly grab, and keep their attention.

The winners will be the brands that are the best storytellers.

The reality is YOU work for a media company. 

Maury Rogow, CEO at Rip Media GroupExecutive Producer, and Author, has a rare combination of success in both business and Hollywood. He built his prominent career in business development at Avaya, Lucent Technologies and GeoTel, a startup that was sold to Cisco Systems for over $1 Billion.

He has launched dozens of new products and businesses successfully and directly sold over $100 million in software and services.

His Hollywood credits include producing two theatrical films, working with the creator of the Batman franchise, and acting in various roles, including Entourage and Oceans 13. His blend of business marketing and Hollywood story give him a unique voice to story-based-marketing.

Based on years of creative production, Maury delivers powerful messaging with ready-to-implement processes.

Attend a Workshop or Keynote speech:

  • Story2Sales’: Why and how to create stories that sell
  • From Zero To One Million’: The 3 most critical steps when launching your company
  • ‘Rise of the Entrepreneur‘: The key processes from the book of the same name (see below)
  • ‘Bold Leadership’: The key traits of the best leaders

Maury has been spoken at the Producers Guild of America, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the Screen Actors Guild, the American Marketing Association, Hollywood Film Festival, the National Association of Television Production Executives, and at Fortune 500 corporations as varied as Stanley Black and Decker and Cisco Systems.  Harvard, UCLA, USC, and the CalArts Center have also hosted his presentations for faculty, staff and the public.   He is also featured on multiple radio shows, TV shows, and popular business podcasts.

Here is a sample in front of 750 CEO and business leaders:

Maury Rogow received an Executive MBA from Tufts University and built his prominent career in business development at Avaya, Lucent Technologies and GeoTel, a startup that later sold to Cisco Systems for over $1 Billion. At these two software and communication companies, Maury consistently earned such recognition as the Achievers Club, the Leadership Award, and was a member of the Leaders’ Council —a recognition with strict qualifications that was selected from the top 1% of the company.

After generating 100 million in revenue, Maury shifted focus to the entertainment industry. He served as an Executive Producer for the feature film Bedrooms, which won the Ace Festival and the Audience Award in New York at the Tribeca Festival Theater. Bedrooms also won at the Bel Air and Santa Barbara Festivals. Maury Rogow was also an Executive Producer for the film Enter The Dangerous Mind, which premiered at South by Southwest Festival and is in theaters now.  His second book: Rise of the Entrepreneur is in Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Maury founded and currently serves as President and Executive Producer of RipMedia Group, which focuses on the art of visual storytelling for business. RipMedia works with clients as diverse as Comcast Universal, Kaiser Permanente, and Ben and Jerry’s for digital, live, and TV content. Today, Maury’s company donates profits to help non-profits fight cancer, and eradicate malaria.

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