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Our Process Makes Your Job Easy

After 800 animations, 200 live action shoots, and 3 feature films, we have boiled the creation process into something that will make your life easy, in fact, you may be the hero your boss will love...We call it the 'Rip Media Group Greenlight Process'.

We Do What We Do

To create your videos many companies might keep you waiting for months, or force you into emailing designs back and forth with 8 people’s opinions attached...that leads to confusion and the inevitable: ‘where was that note?? ’...’ugh!’ That is no way to get a creative project done with quality.

When you work with us, our team works directly with you to create professional videos that beat your goals and your deadline.

Our proven cloud based Greenlight Production Process (™) ensures that your project will be on schedule and save you countless hours and gallons of stress as you happily cruise to the finish with great results. Every time. You can feel good and have time to relax, and, maybe even be a hero.

Some of Our Clients

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Here is What Just One Client Had To Say About Us

“LexisNexis was searching for the right agency, something innovative, creative, and cutting edge… Rip Media blew us away.
Susan Crandall is the Senior Director of Marketing at LexisNexis.

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