How is your campaign working for creating leads?

Rip Media Group will notify you instantly with website Customer Tracking by taking what ordinarily would be unknown website visitors and deliver them to your sales team as qualified sales leads.

  • Who is on your website and what page.
  • What services they are interested in and how long they stayed.
  • Receive an Email Alert at the moment they are viewing your site.

Rip Media helps your sales team distinguish website visitors by company name and instantly informs you what products and services your visitors are viewing.

The Best Thing About Customer Tracker:

Rip Media Group does the labor for you! You just have to wait and be ready when the customers come in. Once people start visiting the website you instantly get alerts.

It is great for salespeople as they have the option of knowing what engine and keywords prospects used to find you!

Watch emails come in with critical information:

What we will provide you:

We simply install our customer tracker code, much like Google Analytics, or embed code.  Then, follow the easy installation process.

Once you have done that you will immediately begin receiving information of prospective clients that are visiting your website!

We do all the maintenance and upgrades, so all you have to do is contact your leads and close the deal!

How it works:

  1. Prospect visits your website after activating Rip Media Customer Tracker
  2. Customer Tracker researches the prospect
  3. Rip Media delivers information:
    1. Company Name
    2. Company Location
    3. Profile Information
    4. Social Media Site Information
    5. Instant Google, LinkedIn, and dB look ups
    6. YOU have an instant email with qualified leads

Contact and Timing:

Everyone knows that sales is all about timing. Being in contact with those prospective leads in the research phase is the best time to contact them. We get you in contact with those people! Its so easy that once you install it runs in the background of your website and gathers all the data without long registration forms.

Information and Closing the Deal:

Once your prospective client is identified Rip Media sends you an instant notification with various forms of information such as their phone number, who they are and what services they are interested in. Making it possible to contact them when they are still fresh on your project and services. You can also modify your notifications to receive the leads you desire. You can pick the number of page views that sends off an alert, filter by geography and even put prospective on a watch list.

Rip Media is here to provide you with instant services that adapt to your project and service needs with this simple elite service that will turn your website into a lead generator!