PCCW Global,

PCCW is a premier telecommunications provider and a world-class player in Information & Communications Technologies, having a presence in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asian locations.

The U.S. division of PCCW was in need of creating demand and market share for its hospitality market segment. We helped generate a market strategy to win business by expanding from each of the U.S. ‘NFL markets’, as these would have the population and travelers to support the (B2B) customer investment.

Created alliance generating co-development funds with Cisco Systems that included:

1. Developed campaign sales strategy
3. Formulated call center design and workflow to sell to to the hospitality market
4. Integrated branding across all trade show and events
5. Created custom landing pages, sign ups, and an online revenue stream
6. Search Engine Optimization


Allied Telesis,

Allied Telesis, a global provider of secure Ethernet and IP Access Solutions needed help redesigning their channel strategy. We developed their Go-To-Market Channel Sales Strategy. RipMedia assisted in the discovery and integration of targeted sales channels. The partnership resulted in building:

1. Official Technology Alliance Partners – RipMedia developed a mobile app (iPhone/Android) for Allied’s enterprise and service providers
2. A channel sales and marketing strategy for the Americas to:
Develop the largest resellers in each of the top 30 markets
Customize websites and social marketing programs per regional partner
Develop training for each 3+ star partner
3. Social Media Guidelines
4. Online audit and roll out plan for web optimization



Avaya, a telecommunications company, specializes in enterprise network, telephony, and call center technology. Avaya was losing market share to Cisco and new entrants in the B2B enterprise business segment. Their sales strategy was 70% direct, and confusing for the channel partners, occasionally competing the partners they had built. Our team was hired to gain market share, increase revenue, and develop a unified channel strategy. We developed marketing / sales campaigns including:

1. Developed a co-branded marketing campaign targeting high-end prospects
2. Redesigned channel sales strategy unifying partners and internal sales teams
3. Developed or participated with business development on branding, partner events, classes, webinars, coordinated trade shows and events and video

Resulting in over 10 million in new revenue, market share gains, and a coveted Leadership Award for Best Marketing Alliance. This model was repeated throughout the company after this pilot program, resulting in tens of millions in revenue and new customers.



Marriott International, Inc. is a worldwide operator and franchiser of a broad portfolio of hotels and related lodging facilities. The issue at Marriott was to expand their web presence, bookings, and expand one area of business. The results of our presence:

1. Developed a campaign that included implementation of measurement and testing tools.
2. Audited compliance measures within the areas of privacy, accessibility, and key industry regulations.
3. Established safeguards and measures to improve reliability in linking, evaluation of website properties, and automated content scanning and analysis.

This reduced the client’s risk of data breach, exposure to malware attacks, or breaches in security, privacy, or accessibility requirements.


DLT Solutions,

DLT Solutions is a value-added reseller of technology products and services primarily servicing the public sector, including the Department of Defense, Civilian Agencies, and many others. DLT had issue with non-unified sales campaigns, and clients seeing differing messaging and competing product lines. These issues were addressed by assisting the DLT team build custom campaigns and target high-end customers.

Among developments:

1. Created a national account campaign.
2. Co-branded trade shows and events.
3. Created cross partner opportunities with leaders in the industry.
4. Developed script dialogue and sales process for new leads.
5. Wrote copy for newsletter.
6. Produced and created content for trans-media releases including live webinars and Podcasts

With our targeted marketing and cross promotion of vendor products, DLT increased market share. DLT Solutions is slated to exceed a billion dollars in revenue. Won Cross-Promotion of the Year Award.


Quantum Corporation,

Quantum Corporation is a manufacturer of storage products and scalable file storage software. Quantum Corporation was not capturing a large market segment of national resellers. The team developed a Go-To-Market Strategy, which included:

1. Created specific landing page content relevant to specific promotions
2. Wrote script/copy and sales process for individual product lines
3. Formed partnerships and packaged “turn-key” solutions
4. Implemented search engine marketing
5. Directed marketing of both online and offline campaigns
6. Integrated vendor branding across tradeshows and events

In six months, we grew the business by $7 million dollars of new business. Won Leadership Excellence Award.


StudentsFirst, is a non-profit organization building a national movement to defend the interests of children in public education and pursue transformative reform. The client wants to build a more in depth online presence and collect hundreds of thousands of members via email and social sites. Our team is establishing marketing guidelines, market plan, and optimizing the web focusing on video production and messaging.

1) Produced video series
2) Consulted on integrated marketing
3) Formulated membership sign ups

The plan is in progress, but has generated over 150,000 members, and over 35,000 via Facebook alone in less than 6 months.  The videos we produced were played for Congress, and were influential in passing laws that will improve education in multiple states.


The Producer’s Business Handbook

Variety / Focal Press book promotion
The author wanted an updated version of the book, and worked with our company to write the New Media Marketing and Online Business chapters. RipMedia Group provided:

1. Online Tools to manage film projects
2. Fundamental social media and online practices for producers
3. A website that was manageable which eliminated ongoing update expenses
4. An integrated online marketing strategy

In addition to the chapters, we consulted on the online interactive version of the book and online marketing strategy which has increased the consulting business and resulted in multiple speaking arrangements, including outside the U.S.


Graphic Novel Publisher:

Creator of comic book properties desired to have original works scripted, funded, and produced as film. The publisher had little to no presence in Hollywood and no capital to move forward. The solution proposed was to create web comics, find an agency to represent them, and have income from non-comic sources. With our services, he has:

1. Contracted two television episodes, and written by the team
2. Optioned multiple properties
3. Attached a series to a digital publisher as iPad exclusives
4. Received 700,000+ hits per month for his online comic
5. Co-produce with major comedian/actor
6. Created thousands of follows for him through Social Media


Multiple Films:

Producers have worked with RipMedia in various stages of development, creating key art, sizzle reels, business plans, marketing campaigns, and social media marketing plans and overall strategy. Each client is a reference.

Our team helps filmmakers optimize their online presence with the creation if the following services:


1. Customizable and open websites
2. Search engine marketing
3. Social media marketing
4. Search engine optimization
5. Content creation: press releases, article submission, blogs
6. Integrated video production

Our work helped secure the film’s negative pick-ups, gain thousands of fans, sell out theaters during opening nights, obtain press coverage, and increase sales of tickets by the thousands.