Business Consulting

  • Business Plan Writing
  • Market Segmentation
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Business Start-Up Guidance
  • Lead Generation
  • Copywriting
  • Press Release Writing
  • Sales Models
  • Sales Training

Presentation Training

  • Sales Presentation Training
  • Assistance in Actual Sales Presentations
  • Presentation creation
  • PowerPoint and Keynote presentations
  • Powerpoint Video Creation
  • Video Production
  • Graphics and Animation


RipMedia’s consultants help develop new business. Improving sales of new products and innovations at companies like GeoTel, Cisco Systems, IBM, Sony and Paramount have given your consultants the edge to drive your business to the next level.

Our team loves getting involved with fresh, young companies and ambitious entrepreneurs. From business plans, to market plans, to getting a business idea funded and off the ground, we can help.

You are too busy to re-evaluate processes and decisions already in place. We can give you a new perspective on the internal and external processes affecting your business.

Examining new opportunities, analyzing risk, managing sales operations, and incorporating change are just a few areas that we can assist your business. We know you don’t have time to do it yourself; we have the experience and an internet savvy team to grow your business.

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