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At Rip Media, we know businesses large and small can struggle with ‘social media.’ Incorporating this fast-changing medium into your overall marketing and sales plan will bear fruit. With time, patience, diligence, and authenticity, your organization will be able to take advantage of an excellent marketing tool.

One of the biggest tasks that you will encounter with any social media campaign is consistency. Rip Media can help.

After our discovery sessions, we can become your digital marketing partner and support your social media efforts, as we have done for many businesses like yours.

Rip Media Group Daily Actions to create an effective Social Media roll-out

Facebook: Daily Actions

  • Update Your Facebook Page Status Daily – We make this a part of our morning routine.
  • Post At Least 2 Interesting Topics A Day – Making sure we keep it relevant to your industry. All of us bump into some interesting facts on the internet throughout the day, so whenever you find one, just post it, but don’t forget to add a brief comment or opinion, so it doesn’t look automated. If you run out of ideas, you may want to try an authority website in your industry. In case you find too many interesting articles in one day, don’t shoot all your bullets at once. We can schedule posts for the following day or later on in the week.
  • Find and “Like” 1 Page A Day – Here, you’ve got a bit more freedom. Apart from industry-relevant pages, you may also like other pages to show your audience that you have diverse interests. A good idea is to like pages that your fans like. This falls under the heading ‘Know your audience.’
  • Ask People to comment, like, or share posts – The more people engaging with your page, the better.
  • Create a question, poll, or contest – We create engagement by finding and asking questions about your industry.  The more visitors you have, the more traffic is generated, and the more likely your sales team is to get leads.

Twitter: Daily Actions

  • Tweet At Least 3 Times A Day – We always tweet about your new blog or promotional offer. We also drop the sales pitch and throw in interesting, compelling, or funny tweets, as they are very welcome once in a while.  We show your followers you’re not some stiff in a cubicle.
  •  Follow 10 new People per Week – Start with the influential people in your industry, second with businesses you have established relationships with, and third, everyone you find value in following. We communicate with each to learn and share.  Build followers by having valuable content.
  • Re-tweet 2 Interesting Tweets A Day – To re-tweet or not to re-tweet… It saves you the time of creating original content and enhances a relationship with the user who wrote it.  If done with appropriate content, we approve.

Pinterest: Actions 

  • The vast majority of Pinterest users are female, and Pinterest boasts the highest conversion to sales than any other social platform.  Can you take advantage of this wonderful opportunity?
  • Post Images Each Week – As Pinterest is a purely visual platform, creating original content is not easy, which is why you need not hurry. Take high-quality pictures of your new products or examples of work and upload them regularly. If your business is offering services, think of info-graphics and other ways of visually presenting data.
  • Always use keywords and tags, and make sure your pins link back. Companies usually have a fixed number of boards, mostly based on the products or services they offer.
  • Follow 5 New Pin Boards per Week– Find and follow interesting pinboards from users in your field. This will also give you ideas for your uploads.

LinkedIn: Actions

  • Update Your Company Profile And Status – LinkedIn is a professional network, and posting multiple times a week is advisable.  You need to make sure your company status is updated regularly, and your company profile reflects the latest changes in your industry.
  • Ask for referrals and recommendations – LinkedIn now ranks your expertise as well as ranking you based on referrals as a subject matter expert.  If your work is something to be proud of, ask for recommendations from clients, partners, and co-workers at least 2-3 times a month.
  • Connect With 3 New People Per Week – Carefully select the people you want to connect with. This is not like Google+ or Twitter, where you can pretty much send a request to everyone you see. If you don’t know the person or do not have much in common, they will probably reject it.
  • Follow 2 New Companies Per Week – Find companies within your industry and follow them to be on top of any updates they are sharing. It is always useful to know what they’ve got to say, and of course, they may follow you back.
  • Ask For Recommendations – Recommendations are brilliant, but if you don’t ask for them, the chances of someone sitting down and writing one are slim. Those chances are much higher if you kindly ask for a recommendation.

YouTube: Actions

  • Upload A Video About Your Business – This is as critical as having an office or a website.  Expose your business to a larger audience, as well as your target audience. Whether it’s a whiteboard animation, motion graphic explainer video about the services you offer, or a video testimonial from your clients, it is critical to have exposure on YouTube…It is Google, after all.
  • Find 3 New Videos to Share on Social Media Platforms Each Week- Videos are one of the best ways to communicate messages to your audience.  Produce great video and share it with your audience on your channel as well as the other channels.
  • Find interesting videos related to your industry and share them on Facebook, Twitter & Google+.
  • Subscribe To 1 New Channel Each Week – While searching for videos to share. You may stumble on some channels with excellent content. Be sure to subscribe to them, as this will help finding interesting videos for sharing in the future.


  • Write A Blog at Least Twice a Month –  (Preferred, twice a week.) This is another critical way to reinforce your brand exposure.
  • Write blog posts about hot topics in your industry to show your expertise and focus on your customers and industry.

The SEO value of the blog posts and your target keywords lie in the title and the content. Don’t forget to share your blog post across all your social media profiles.

If you are too busy to take on the extra hours it takes to create exposure for your company, Rip Media Group will do it for you.

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