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The video marketing landscape is diverse and full of pitfalls. So, what’s the most reliable way to navigate the future of marketing? 

I was asked a similar question in a recent interview with Authority Magazine. During the interview, we talked about

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What do consumers want in a sales pitch? A simple, straightforward description of the product or service, and an explanation of how it will make their life better. Recently exploding onto the digital marketing arena, an explainer video is the

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The 4 Focal Points of an Explainer Video


These days, digital marketing strategies should almost always consider production of a marketing video. Across the board, investment in online video is up, and with good reason. Read on to see how big-name websites like Wikipedia are getting in on

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Wikipedia, Meet the Marketing Video

App Downloads and Explainer Videos

7 Words to Revolutionize Your Marketing Video

Marketing is ubiquitously understood as an external or client-facing tool: you market a product or service to potential customers, with the ultimate goal of gaining more business. Contrary to popular opinion, though, marketing is

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7 Words to Revolutionize Your Marketing Video

App Download Soar with Explainer Video

App Downloads Soar with an Explainer Video

You’ve designed the iOS or tablet app, determined the marketing strategy, and are finally ready to release it into the marketplace. But in an over-saturated market, replete with dwindling consumer trust, setting your app

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App Downloads Soar with an Explainer Video




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