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ClearDox, an information handling company, needed a motion graphics company to bring their message to life. When we first worked with ClearDox, they were focused on growing the oil vertical. After the launch or their video, we are proud to

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whiteboard video

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Whiteboard animation videos have been around for years. So, are they old news yet? 

The short answer is NO! Just think about live-action or 2D animation. Has acting gone out of style? Cartoons? Simply put, different styles of animation touch different

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Are Whiteboard Animations Good in 2020?

Video Marketing

Have you ever been in a movie theater and noticed most of the people around you wiping their eyes? Have you ever seen a film, a television episode or even a commercial that affected you so strongly you were still

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Why does Video Marketing Work?

Whiteboard Video

When you think of whiteboard videos, the phrase “high-tech” might not leap to mind. After all, these marketing standbys have always had a decidedly simple visual style.

However, technology and whiteboard videos seem destined for one another. For one thing, Silicon

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The Marriage of Whiteboard Video and Technology