Video Marketing Secrets: “Relatability Counts!”

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Remember when Carrie Underwood won American Idol?

A well-deserved title, because let’s face it: the gal’s got pipes.

Your friendly neighborhood video production services pro believes there was another huge factor, other than her singing, that helped her win over the hearts of America:

She was relatable.

She walked into her audition wearing jeans and a pink t-shirt.

And as the audience watched her journey and the competition, many of us could relate to not only her story, but how real she was.

She was a regular person with a phenomenal dream.

There were some great singers on that landmark season of the show, but the combination of Carrie’s talent and her likeability factor were what spared her the snark of Simon Cowell and helped her rise to success.

how does this apply to your business? Watch this video for a relatable video marketing tip.

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If you are in the 1.98% that likes to read, here is the transcript for the video!

Maury Rogow here from RIP Media Group, ripping through some video marketing growth acts.
Rule number nine of great storytelling, are you relatable?

We just learned that being an underdog is an important part of your story toolkit. Now, we need to mix that together with being relatable. Don’t create a story or a video that’s so far out there that people don’t understand it. Yet don’t be too immediate and safe that it’s boring. It’s a tough balance. We relate things to ourselves so that we can compare and contrast and see what this means to us. One of the best things you can hear after a prospect watches your story, is they say. “Oh! That happened to me too.” Don’t be untouchable, be relatable.

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