3 Key Steps for Telling Your (Video Marketing Story)

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Okay, maybe it’s not realistic, but what if it were?  Think about that moment. You get on an elevator. Suddenly, right behind you, enters that key stakeholder/decision maker you’ve been chasing!  This is the person you came 1200 miles to this seminar to see. You came to hear this person – this mover and shaker – speak and provide insights.  And now is your chance – an opportunity you will not let pass – to pitch you and your company and your idea. And you have 6 floors to do it. It is… (cue dramatic music) the ELEVATOR PITCH.


“What is your elevator pitch?” has become part of the corporate lexicon, derived from a hypothetical situation, but laced with a strong dose of reality.  And it’s a requirement for both your overall business model as well as your video marketing strategy.

So while you probably will never be in the exact situation outlined above, you still need to have an elevator pitch.  A good one helps sell your idea/company/product quickly and efficiently. A bad one means that maybe you need to re-think things.


But what if I told you that the best ideas can be reduced even further?  Forget the one to five sentence structure. How about getting your pitch down to five words?  Sounds impossible? Well, think about some of your favorite movies. Here’s one: Twelve Terrorists and One Cop.  Sound familiar? That’s “Die Hard”! Instantly recognizable – and instantly salable.


So think about your elevator pitch as if you were trying to fit it onto a movie poster.  And then try to get it down to one word. Think about your key differentiator – in a single word.  With that, you can begin to build your unique story and platform.

At Rip Media Group, we make a habit of determining your core value and thinking about what you can do to help people’s lives.  To find out more about what and how we do it, contact us today.