Part of the process of building your script is finding your target audience, as you learned by reading the “How to write compelling video…that sells”, or by filling out the video production creative brief.

To reach new and worldwide audiences, we implement many tools to increase views, and drive more buyers to you. Rip Media can syndicate the video to multiple video networks, can blog, post, create press, and find the influencers and the most likely fans of your product or service.

We can even optimize the script text to maximize search rankings for your videos.

We integrate the video into your marketing strategy by working with your marketing team. You may want to direct new customers to a landing page welcoming them to your new company…you may want to have them sign up for a newsletter…or you may want to add the viewer to your Facebook page.

Some of the results of the videos and integrated video marketing have been:

  1. Motivated a city to vote for new education laws
  2. Increase in sales – by ten
  3. 500% increase in the amount of online impressions
  4. 300% increase in interested buyers/leads

What can we do for your marketing team?