3 Video Marketing Lessons Learned: Graphics Arts Alliance – Motion Graphics Animation

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Graphic Arts Alliance (www.graphicartsalliance.com) turned to Rip Media Group to create a Motion Graphics Animation video for their marketing video efforts. We worked with them to hone a very clear, very straight-to-the-point message that spoke directly to their client and showed them the leveraging power of the alliance.

As with every project and client, there are great lessons to be learned from the experience.  Here are just a few that came out of our alliance with Graphic Arts Alliance.

  • Hone in on the Audience.  Sometimes a message is so broad that it’s hard to determine who the audience is, and what the key takeaways are.  Graphic Arts Alliance brings together print shops and, among other things, helps them take advantage of vendor cash rebates and discounts that would typically only be available to $100 Million printing companies.  So while “print shops” could entail a vast network of types of people, we were instructed to keep the message direct.  No matter what their background, these are people who don’t have a lot of time for things like silly marketing videos.  Get to the point of what GAA can do for them quickly.
  • The Importance of Method of Delivery.  Not to be confused with these types of delivery, this is regarding how your video is delivered.  GAA did not have a video that told their story or accentuated the benefits of membership. So they wanted to have something to send to prospects, to either follow up from a phone call or to be the introduction to a phone call.  But how do you deliver that message?  How do you inform a potential customer it’s coming?  Those decisions informed the message itself.  Emails often go unopened.  So the video had to be light and colorful and short and concise.  Grab their attention; hold their attention; then get out of their way.
  • Sometimes Adjustments are Necessary.  The client’s expectations shifted while we went through the project, but it was a pleasant shift.  We were close to the end but we had to shift some of the visuals because there was a shift in the vision.  Sometimes shifting visions can create fear and trepidation, and even annoyance.  But it’s important to keep the lines of communication open and allow for new ideas – or even disagreements – to have their day.  We kept them in the loop and fielded their concerns throughout the process.  In the end, collaboration wins again!

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