4 Ways Personalized Video Marketing is Revolting

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No, not that kind of revolting.  It’s revolting in that it’s turning video marketing on its ear.  It’s the personalized video revolution.  Have you heard about it?

If you haven’t, you need to start looking because it’s sweeping the nation! With today’s tech, you can replace text inside of videos without knowing how to edit. You can even use code to personalize thumbnails in your emails to display a still of your prospects’ names and websites. 

Want even more? Services like The Video Bot make customizable videos almost completely automated. Plug the text you want into a webpage and hit “generate.” A minute later you’ll receive an email with a completely personalized video that you can then resend to anyone. 

That’s pretty cool, so let’s dig a little deeper into the benefits that personalized videos offer. 

1. 87% of Consumers Say Personalized Video Messages Impact Their Opinion of a Company

That’s a crazy statistic. The market continues to become more and more saturated with video content. So, any trick you can pull out of your sleeve to wow and connect with your customers is an instant win. 

Would you buy from someone who sends you a generic explainer video or someone who sends an explainer video that says hello to you and calls you by your name?

All in all, the data shows that customizable video messages are great at connecting with your audience. 

2. Personalized Videos Are Great at Reducing Friction and Increasing Conversions

Videos are all about telling a great story your customers can relate to. So, you can rely on an incredible, relatable, non-personalized video story for a long time. Companies have been for decades now, think Coca-Cola’s polar bears.

Apple has also been great at this from the beginning as well with their “1984” spoof ad. That ad allowed them to pose as the “liberators” of their customers, and that narrative sticks to this day.

So, the main difference between personalized video and normal video is the role each plays in the customer journey. 

Good personalized video becomes more than a story; it becomes a storyteller. What do we mean by this? Great video advertising tells a story through a screen, personalized video steps into the room with your audience. Personalized video can express sentiments like, “hello (first name), I hear you’re having a tough time with X. Here’s how we can help.” 

Traditional video in marketing just can’t offer that kind of value.

The difference personalized video makes is mind-blowing. The 300-500% increase in conversions we’ve seen with personalized video speaks for itself. 

3. Personalized Video Marketing Increases R.O.I.

Reaching out to clients with good personalized messages will always increase your R.O.I. 

Personalized video messages work a lot like follow-up calls and investor lunches. You’re showing your customer that you care by demonstrating an investment in them to form a deeper connection. By creating a video for one person and one person only out of your entire audience, you’re demonstrating a level of commitment that your customers are likely not seeing from other companies—creating a deeper connection and a returning customer.

4. Personalized Videos Increase Engagement and Sales

As we alluded to in the last section, personalized video attracts new customers better than traditional video advertising because your customers feel connected to you as a brand instead of as a company. 

Consider emails for a second. An audience is 26% more likely to open an email with a personalized subject line. Likewise, new customers are more likely to convert and buy if you send them a video customized with their name and website. 

The more you can be a storyteller to your customer, i.e., the better you are at talking directly to them with your videos, the more successful your advertisements will be. 

The Time to Use Personalized Videos Is Now

We think that we’ve made a pretty compelling argument for adding personalized videos to your marketing mix.  It’s all pretty revolting.

So, what do you think that you’ll do moving forward? Will you keep using the videos that you’ve relied on for years, or will you take a chance on the benefits that personalized video offers?

We sincerely hope you choose the second option because we genuinely believe that personalized video is the future of video marketing. If you’re curious about The Video Bot or about how Rip Media Group can help you, reach out now.