A Video Marketing Agency’s Review: Working With iTrade on iTracefresh

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We’ve been working with iTrade as their video marketing agency for a few years. So, we were thrilled when they approached us about helping them make a video about managing the farm to store supply chains with their newest offering, Traceability with iTracefresh. 

What is Traceability?

Traceability of food through iTrade allows farmers access to their food’s journey through the supply chain, allowing them to connect with their customers, quickly respond if their food spoils in transit or if their food becomes contaminated in any other way. 

The Project

iTrade approached us to help them tell a heartwarming story that would allow them to connect with farmers on an emotional level. They wanted to sell their product with a story instead of the conventional methods, which we’re especially good at as a video marketing firm. 

We decided to create a unique 2D world filled with rich and vibrant color to help iTrade catch eyes and turn heads. 

The Challenges

This project posed a unique challenge for both iTrade and us. They were trying to reach a section of the market that they didn’t normally communicate to. That meant that they would have to reach out to farmers without talking in depth about farming. 

Our challenge at Rip Media Group was to reach out to a part of the market without addressing it directly. We also had to make a video about supply chains that engaged farmers instead of pushing them away. 

The Solution

So, how do you make a supply chain video for farmers that’s engaging and relatable?

You tell a story about a family, generations of tradition, and care for the land. Pair that story with vibrant colors, great animation, and relatable voiceover talent and storytelling, and we have a supply chain video that’s a winner for both iTrade and Rip Media Group. 

As a video marketing firm, we couldn’t be more proud and happy about this project’s results – we delivered a product that iTrade loved on time and budget. We even have a couple more projects currently in the works with them. 

We also believe that iTrade loves this video – we heard nothing but great things from them after delivering the final product. They’ll be taking this video into the field with them as they visit farmers across the country.

Out of all the video marketing firms they could’ve gone with, we’re happy that iTrade has stuck with us.

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