Christmas and Video Marketing

Christmas and Video Marketing

I love working with companies made of great people more than I enjoy working for profit-driven robots who are only after my money. When given the opportunity to grab a coffee from the local shop where the owner knows my name and my love for dachshunds, I’d much rather go there over a national company that goes through baristas quicker than I can count.

Most consumers are like this. They want to support the real people and companies they know–even if it comes in the form of a video marketing campaign.

This Christmas, you can use video marketing to connect with prospective and current customers in a way that gets them invested in your business. Whether you’re a B2B business working with a diverse group of clients or a B2C company who has so many individual customers it’s impossible to count them all, a well-crafted video marketing campaign shows customers that your team is real and highly likable. A well-crafted video can also educate customers about your brand, even if it comes in the form of a Christmas greeting.


Customers are open to holiday greetings between Thanksgiving and the New Year. As long as your message is genuine, there’s a good chance your video marketing will be watched. Focus on cultivating a positive brand image (instead of sales) with a sincere greeting that shows your customers you’re invested in them as people. Wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. You can also thank them for their patronage and support. No matter what you say, make the message for your Christmas marketing video about them.


You can distribute your Christmas video marketing campaign in a variety of ways, including social media, your blog and an email marketing campaign. People are more likely to click on short videos over long-form articles, so distributing the video through various platforms makes the most sense. Depending on how you want to distribute it and to whom, it may make sense to pay for distribution as a short commercial.

Christmas is the perfect time to start a video marketing campaign to wish your customers a Merry Christmas and position your company as one they want to support. Consider showing off your office and encourage your team to leave short, personal messages to your customers. Remember that most consumers want to support people they have relationships with. Use your Christmas video marketing campaign to make your company more approachable.

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