Creating Quality Video…that’s tough. Or is it? (Video Marketing #8)

Video Marketing Part 8

What is it like to work with Rip Media Group from a day-to-day standpoint?


Why? We have pulled together the most advanced and user-friendly tools to streamline production. We follow a tried and true process to get the best story, style, and results.

The Production Process is CRITICAL to your success.

Our Team Members have collaborated on everything from big-budget films (Ocean’s 13), to Emmy winning TV series (Entourage), multiple independent projects, and over one thousand commercials. We took our combined experience and developed the Greenlight Production Process.

In the videos below you can see our Greenlight Production Process, which shows each step of video production, described in the most advantageous order. In the end, you’ll know the recipe for making award-winning VIDEO pie 😉 Plain & simple.

Rip Media Group: Our Production Process

Rip Media Group is here to create YOUR story — from Concept and Ideation, to Scripts, Animation, Effects, Voiceover and Sound — we have the ingredients you need!

Click through the links below for more details. Just remember, we do all of this for you!

  1. Discovery (aka The ‘Creative Brief’)
  2. Script (Audio / Visual Sample) (This is a more advanced script, with added visual ideas)
    • Script Timer (150 words per minute is the average, but you can play with this tool as you wish)
    • Voice Actor Library (Choices for our vetted voice actors)
  3. Art (This example has advanced art…also called a ‘Treatment’)
  4. Storyboard sample (The final script matched with sample art)
  5. Final video  (The doctor delivers your baby!)

Ready to make your pie sizzle?

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Have a look at our creative brief to help you understand what makes you unique:

Creative Brief

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