Duplicate Yourself with THE VIDEO BOT to INCREASE Conversion Rates

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Imagine using your Video Marketing to duplicate your sales efforts and improve conversion rates.

The fact is you’ve worked hard to create a sound message for your brand that gets views, likes, clicks, attention, and ultimately sales. But how good are you at repeating it? Let’s face it – that’s key.

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Brands succeed because they’re able to duplicate their best marketing, their best pitch, their best sales person, and you can be one of them.

What if I told you there was a way to duplicate your best message every minute of every day? It’s with video! Video is always available, scalable and repeatable. It should be your most valuable asset.

At Rip Media Group, our customers are seeing conversion rates increased by 500%. One small business customer raised over $7 million using our video marketing and another one secured their first million dollar deal because quality video marketing goes farther and faster than any other marketing material you can create.

And now, we’ve gone even one step further. We created a unique video service that will open doors for you and work as your best salesperson, and you can use it in seconds because we created it for Demand Gen marketers and salespeople.

You can create exclusive, personal videos for every prospect right after you log in. Just add the prospect’s name to have it integrated directly in the high quality video.

Moreover, your best landing page link or calendar link can now have interactive hotspots so people don’t need to search for you to connect. It’s right in the video.

To learn more about this special service – or to answer any and all of your video marketing needs – contact Rip Media Group today.