Video Marketing Secret #7 – How Do You Get the Longest Life Out of Your Video?

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How Do You Get the Longest Life Out of Your Video?

To answer this question, you need to understand what C.O.R.E. is.

We have an acronym that we use all the time called C.O.R.E. and that’s

  • ONCE

When creating a big marketing project such as a video, we want to make sure that you can repurpose that content in as many places as possible.

We learned this strategy by using it, and by looking at the ‘big guys’, like Disney.

Disney creates a film.

That film originated in a book (short story, novel, or comic).  

From the source material and film, they create lunchboxes, toys, action figures, games, apps, and repurpose and revive the content everywhere possible.

It’s a TRANSMEDIA strategy that you can use too.

For example, this might actually be creating a video, and then doing cut downs for different social media channels or ads. You then will want to use the stills for infographics, and translate them into memes.

Most of our clients create one core piece of content, which is the video, and repurpose the content for four to six months. The video lives on for years, as does the content and keep racking up views in the tens of thousands, and some into the millions.

The smaller pieces of content magnify the video.

LexisNexis, one of our customers, practiced this transmedia strategy and it worked very well for them.

They received more leads and more visitors to their trade show booth than ever before.  Ever.

Testimonial Video Lexis-Nexis from Rip Media Group on Vimeo.

See what LexisNexis has to say about this!

They decided to create their trade show booth based on those graphics. The entire back wall of the booth was one scene of the video. The theme of the video was based on an old and very popular board game. They used those game pieces throughout their entire trade show booth, their marketing strategy, their invitations, and their thank you notes.

The video was the core content, and all collateral built from that ROCK content (See previous video blog for that reference).

This is what we do for our customers.

Can you think of what you can you do to create a familiarity with your brand, by using the C.O.R.E strategy?

Need some help coming up with ideas? That’s what we are here for!

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