Innovative Marketing Moves: How to Slay a Dragon With Produce

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iTrade recently asked us to help them showcase their new transit services with innovative marketing in a three video series. This particular video was the second in that series.  

iTrade Freight offers a revolutionary amount of insight to store owners and other bulk food buyers around how their food is shipped and handled. To iTrade, a global shipping company, it was paramount that their investment in their tracking capabilities paid off. 

We were more than happy to leverage our marketing ideas to their advantage.

The Project

iTrade’s product iTrade Freight does several things. With iTrade Freight, both large and small markets are afforded the ability of transparency in the shipping of goods at opportune times to maximize their margins. 

The point of the iTrade Freight explainer video was to drill down and describe how iTrade impacts the actual physical shipping – and tracking – of goods from point A to point B. The more creative we could be with our video marketing ideas, the better. 

This unique combination of factors led to several interesting challenges to overcome with some innovative marketing ideas. 

The Challenges We Faced

The first challenge we had was video length. If you’ve ever made an explainer video about a technical topic, then you understand our challenge. The more information we had, the harder it became to create a clear and comprehensive video that was enjoyable to watch. 

We had 90 seconds to tell iTrade Freight’s entire story… That’s a big task – especially with a story as complex and multifaceted as this one.

Second, we needed an engaging way to be creative with our storytelling that wasn’t unnecessarily distracting or complicated. What’s more, the client wanted to work with us to create a branded “look” or “style” in 3D that they could use for their company moving forward. 

The Innovative Marketing Solution We Came Up With

How did we fill 90 seconds of video in an informative and fun way?

Surprise, surprise, we told a story! The most powerful tool a marketer has. In this case, adding a narrative framework to our video helped us structure our narrative flow. 

Even though our narrative wasn’t directly referenced in the voice over, we were able to take timing cues and direction from the visual story that we crafted alongside it. 

So, how do you connect a fantastical visual story to an unrelated narration? 

You use several narrative tricks like the 3-act structure, visual metaphors, and bold creative leaps to build a bridge between what the audience expects and what you eventually present to them.

We opened the ad with “Jane”, our character profile of iTrade’s preferred customers (although they are many and multifaceted). Right off the bat, anyone watching the video should start relating to the main character. 

Next, Jane is gifted magical powers by a fairy godmother. She’s now a wizard and, even though the voice over never mentions the transformation, the truth remains (so don’t question). Jane is now a magical hero. The association between magic and heroism is so deeply ingrained in fantastical stories that it’s hard to consider anything else.

Finally, Jane gets a challenge to overcome… A dragon has delayed her food shipment! (Oh, those pesky dragons!) In the next scene, the dragon flies away, and the food is delivered. Even though Jane never defeats the dragon on screen, she’s still a wizard, so she – and the audience, by extension – are the heroes of the day. 

By using creative marketing to blend reality and fantasy and to time visuals to narration, we created a cohesive video for iTrade that’s creative without sacrificing any informational value. 

If you would like your innovative marketing story told by us, please reach out.