Personalized Video Messages Have a Message For You

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Personalized video messages will change your life. 

Sounds outrageous, right? Well, over time, it’s true. 

Think about why you buy things. Half of the time, you buy because you need whatever you’re buying. The other half of the time, you buy because you felt a wave of nostalgia or because the artwork caught your eye. You buy things because you can relate to the product.

What Are Personalized Video Messages?

You, the marketer, owner, etc. should be creating video that is, well, personalized! A great personalized video message will consist of you, the marketer, owner, etc… communicating directly to one person or a very small group of people through film or animation. 

This sounds time intensive… and it is! However, creating personalized video is one of the best ways for you to convert new clients and to and keep the clients you already have. 

We’re here to tell you how.

Personalized Videos Are Relatable 

Personalized videos are Relatable

Hubspot reported on consumer trends that video is preferred continuously over other sources of media. That’s no surprise to us. We’ve been creating videos for years and have observed the power that it can have first hand. 

However, what happens when everyone has a video? 

Well, you have to start innovating, and audiences demand connection more than anything. A personalized video is excellent for this. (Though that should go without saying!)

So, why are we bringing this up? Well, many companies still haven’t made this connection. While personalized videos are becoming more common, it’s still widely underused by many companies. 

Why You Should Be an Early Adopter

The numbers back us up. People want personalization in their ads, that means personalized video, personalized taglines, messages, etc. 

The Epsilon group released a study in 2018 that stated that among “. . . consumers ages 18-64, the appeal for personalization is high, with 80% of respondents indicating they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences and 90% indicating that they find personalization appealing.”

We’ve seen similar responses to our in-house software, The Video Bot, which allows customers to create a personalized video in seconds. Sending personalized videos to our clients is one of our most powerful sales tools. 

You might be saying, “but I send out emails, what’s wrong with that?” Our response is nothing! Anyway, you can grab attention and form a connection is a win for your business. The thing is, everyone sends emails – your communications will blend into a sea of the same. 

But do you have time to record and send a new video every time you get a lead? Often, the first answer you give to that is no. 

Stop for a second and think. Just how important is business to your business ? If you can do anything to up your sales, you should be doing it. Why not take 5-10 minutes to record a quick video for prospective clients?

They don’t have to be fancy, and we’ve created a guideline for you to follow. 

General Rules for Personalized Videos 

General rules for personalized videos

Keep things short—2-3 minutes at MOST. The last thing your audience wants is a video that drags on (it might make them want to buy from you LESS). 

Speak in a friendly tone, look professional, and make sure that your audio is clear. All you need to make a personalized video work is an alright camera, good audio, and an inviting demeanor. 

( P.S. If you don’t have any of that, then The Video Bot is free. You can even make incredible, professional videos in your pajamas.)

Ask an icebreaker

An introduction isn’t just a statement of your name and position; you should be asking your audience questions as well. Invite them in, and your audience will respond. 

Think Through the Meat of Your Message

What kind of lead or client will be receiving this video? 

Is it a new lead, a lead that’s gone cold, or a recurring customer that you want to impress? 

Tailor your message to suit what you think that lead’s needs are. Look to your funnels, sales logs, and past behavior to find out as much information as possible. The more personal this video is, the better off you’ll be. 

The more you can appeal to their emotions while providing relevant information, the better off you’ll be. Remember, your job here is not to make a sales pitch. Offer help and build a relationship before pitching.

So How Can You Use These Videos?

So, now you know how to make a personalized video! And you know what to write in your scripts! You can record each video yourself or automate the process. . So, what are the best uses for your new knowledge?

New Customer Orientation

You’ve landed a new customer! Way to go! Now, how do you let them know what to expect when they work with you?

Film or create a video that lays out their options and your company culture. So many customers appreciate this little extra touch because it gives your company a human face. 

Just be sure to make it super easy for them to start a conversation with you immediately afterward! They’re going to want to after your incredible introduction. 

Reduce Churn

It’s often apparent when a customer is about to leave you for another person offering the same service. 

Once you notice discomfort or low engagement, immediately send a video their way that’s exciting and engaging. Sometimes you’ll be too late, but if you can reduce churn even a little bit, then you’ve won. 

Internal Communications

Hyper personalization is less critical because you’ll often be sending the same video to many different people.

Sending out a video memo is a more engaging way to update your staff than a written one (plus, there’s less chance that they’ll skim like they would with a boring email). You can also send more personal videos like a video birthday card. The better your connection with your team, the better your company will operate. 

Next-Gen Tools for the Early Adopter

Now we’re on to making your personalized videos. There are several useful tools that you can pull from right now to up your personalized video game. 

Manual Solutions

Sites like VideoAsk and Loom are great for creating personalized videos. 

VideoAsk operates a lot like Snapchat; TypeForm created it to excel at creating short, informal videos for initial selling or interwork communications. You can also embed these videos onto your desktop.

Loom has several powerful screen recording capabilities and stores everything in the cloud, so the videos you create are easy to send over email. These features make it the ideal video creator for explainer videos.

Automated Solutions

There’s only one that we know of, and that’s The Video Bot.

We think that people appreciate a solution that ups sales without too much initial investment. That’s why we’re bringing up The Video Bot so frequently. We’ve used this solution internally for a while and are now making it available to you. We want you to experience all the benefits that we’ve been enjoying. 

Personalized videos are time-intensive, and this is the only automated solution that we know of on the market right now.

That’s why we made a text to video software that uses our own $10,000+ videos as templates to create stunning, personalized videos in no time. We’re giving everyone who signs up a free trial so that they can experience the magic of personalized, interactive videos for themselves right now. 


Stand out with personalized video messages. Once you look into the process, it’s not that hard. So long as you can commit a little time every day to the process, you should start to see growth. 

Play around with your options and keep your mind open! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and ask. We’d love to help.