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Great videos and great video marketing can make a huge difference to the success of any company.

So what does it take to make a great video? It takes passion for storytelling – even while selling a product, service or company.

At Rip Media Group, we have been in the business of making impactful and engaging sales videos for over 12 years. And that tradition continues every day when we come to work ready to deliver our clients’ message in a unique and compelling way.

But are videos are more than cool to look at. (Or maybe it’s because they’re cool to look at.) They’re effective! Make no mistake about it, there is positive ROI. Evidence!

  • Page increase by 800% when they have a video vs. when they don’t.
  • The presence of a video boosts conversions by 467%

We make videos that make your competition jealous!

Make a video that gets results!

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