Take a Stand (Even in your Video Marketing and Company Branding)

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Be polarizing in your company message, company brand, and even your video marketing.

Be more polarizing to get more attention.  Even bad attention, heaped on you because of an unpopular opinion, is good because it shines a light on you.  Just be passionate about it.  

Take a polarizing position and tell people where you stand.  It’s dangerous, right? Some people might not like you for your position or stance on an issue.  That might cost you some friends. And if you’re a company who sells things, it might cost you some business.

Think about a company like Nike.  Nike courts controversy. Yes, they put out a product, love it or hate it, but they also stand for something.  They stand for a cause. They made Colin Kaepernick a spokesman. That garnered a lot of controversy. But what came with the controversy?  A lot of views, a lot of free press. 

You can do the same thing at different levels. And here’s why it works. It’s not just an obvious thing. 

Let’s take a look at this. So here on the board I put the old x, y axis up. If we go one to five, this is whether people love your message or hate your message and don’t like you. And this is how many, Or this is the level of like this is the level of how many, 

A lot of brands don’t go there. They play it safe, go “middle of the road”.  Thinking, “We’re not going to get anyone to love us, but nobody’s going to hate us. So we stick to the middle of the road.”  But guess what happens? Nobody’s going to talk about you. You’re not going to get free press. You’re not going to get mentions. Your search traffic is going to go down and you’re going to lose traffic.  And if you lose traffic, you’re not growing. Meanwhile, your competitors are doing everything they can to get traffic. 

The way to do this is to put messages out. If your brand can stand it, take a stance in whatever you truly believe in. It doesn’t have to be politics or religion or anything like that, but if you really care about video marketing and storytelling, put yourself out there.

Some people will love it, some people will hate it, but you’ll stay out of the middle of the road. The folks that love you are going to like and share and comment and share your views. The people who don’t like you are also going to do the same thing.  

When you’re polarizing, you take a position and a stance that gets more noticed than anything in the middle of the road. 

And that’s what Nike and a lot of brands are doing. That’s a way that you can win.

One thing to consider: You better believe in what you’re saying and stand by it. It might be controversial in your industry, so make sure it isn’t something that you don’t believe in. 

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