Video Marketing Minute: When Should I Use Closed Captioning?

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Another Tuesday, another Video Marketing Minute podcast.  This week’s question: When should I use closed captioning for my corporate video? Have a read and a listen.  Let me know your thoughts.

HOST:  Hi everybody. Welcome to another Video Marketing Minute. Today’s question: when should I use closed captioning?

MAURY:  That’s a great question. So here’s some really good info for you. I’ve got a few bullet points. 

  • Without closed captions you’re cutting out the millions of people that have hearing loss.
  • You’re also cutting out the tens and hundreds of millions of people that are smart enough to keep their computer speakers off when they’re at work so they don’t interrupt everybody around them.  They keep the sound off when they sneak a peek at their LinkedIn or social media or Facebook, Instagram etc. 
  • Putting transcriptions or subtitles on your video makes a huge difference in terms of engagement. The more engagement you get at the beginning, the further that video is gonna go. 
  • Search engines are starting to get smarter and are able to grab the verbage either from the transcription file or right there on the blog or right there on YouTube so closed caption improves ranking in search results.
  • Some governments even require it for the hearing impaired.

But let’s face it, the biggest reason is so that it makes it easier for people to be sneaky at work.

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